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July 8, 2022
Donna McGuire
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Midwest Championship seedings

Seedings from Wapelhorst Park:

1. The Persuaders; 2. So. Illinois Lightning; 3. Team Mastery; 4. KC Vintage; 5. Ontourage.

60/65 Gold:
1. NSC Silver Bullets; 2. Sea Glass; 3. Texas Legends; 4. Triple Crown; 5. Antiques of Iowa City; 6. BlueSpeed.

June 10, 2022
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Commitment line on a tag up.

Let’s see if I can answer the key questions. 1. When do you call the out on the runner from 2B who did not tag? If he had recrossed the commitment line, you would call the out as soon as that happens. In this case, he stood near the scoring line, so the out is not called until the defense properly appeals. 2. When was 2B available for the runner from 1B? As soon as it was clear that the runner from 2B had “given up” that base, which happened when he touched 3B. Runner from 1B could have stepped on 2B and been safe even during the live ball appeal. 3. Does the defense have to make a verbal appeal when throwing back to 2B on this live ball appeal? OK, there’s a lot of discussion on this. Bottom line, it depends on what the defense says and does. For example, if someone yells, “He didn’t tag at second,” and then the defense throws to 2B, I have an out when the defense touches the base. But if no one says anything, as an umpire I hesitate to see what play they defense is making. Usually, someone will say they are appealing. Perhaps this live ball appeal language from explains it best:: “The appeal must be explicit. A defensive player with the ball must then either tag the player whose action is being appealed, or touch the base at which the appealable action took place, and then must indicate to the umpire either verbally or with an unmistakable action the intention to appeal. An appeal should be clearly intended as an appeal, either by a verbal request by the player or an act that unmistakably indicates an appeal to the umpire."
June 5, 2022
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Equaluzer rules/# of homeruns

This is covered in rule 13.3(8)E., part of which says: “If there is a difference in rules governing teams in a mixed division, the rules governing the weaker, or older, teams are used.”
April 29, 2022
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: You make the call

Great explanation from fresnomdn. There is no special senior rule for this play. The runner gets 3B. (Does not mater if he had tagged or not; he still gets 3B. In the case where a runner fails to tag, the defense can appeal that mistake.)

March 6, 2022
Donna McGuire
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What’s the Rule

ISSA follows USA (formerly ASA) Softball rules for most of its rules, including the situation MurrayW describes here. SSUSA and USA rules are the same for this situation. Tim cited that rule in his post. So the umpire should NOT have awarded the 2B and 3B runners a base.
Oct. 28, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Yet another you make the call

T2, you assumed the Situation 1 stated above was the game you witnessed. It was not. The scorekeeper somehow jumped over the fourth batter in their lineup when filling out the official game card at a TOC event, and the manager did not catch her error. When the scorekeeper learned her mistake cost them an out (the other team appealed properly) AND the services of their best player for that game, she burst into tears. I used that case as an example of a player's name being left off the game card, and the penalty enforced.
Under your reasoning, her team should have forfeited that game, too. Seriously?
SSUSA does NOT have a rule saying a player found in the game but not on the official game card constitutes a forfeit. USA Softball does NOT have such a rule, either. Both rule books say if an ejected/disqualified player is caught playing again in the same game, then the team would forfeit.
That did not happen in the case you cited to start this thread.

Oct. 27, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Yet another you make the call

T2, you ask how to know what to call. Maybe these actual SSUSA game cases will help. Situation 1. A scorekeeper forgets to write a player on the official card, and the manager does not catch the mistake. The opponent catches the mistake after the player bats. Situation 2. A Major team recruits a Major-Plus player (whose team is out of the tournament) to finish the tournament with them on championship Sunday. He is not on their roster (and would not be eligible for their roster). The team gets caught playing with this player on the field.
The differences are major. In Situation 1, the player was on the official roster filed with SSUSA, and had checked in at the director’s table, but the scorekeeper and/or manager had a “senior” moment and left his name off the game card. Nothing nefarious here. The penalty: The team cannot use that player the rest of the game. He cannot bat, cannot play defense, cannot courtesy run. The offended team can get an out if it appeals at the proper time. In Situation 2, the team intentionally cheated. Definitely nefarious — a flagrant breaching of our rules. The penalty: forfeit.
As you know, our rule book does not cover every rule. We fall back on USA Softball for rules not spelled out in our book. USA does not forfeit a game when a player is removed for a rule infraction, as was the case in Situation 1. However, if the disqualified player had re-entered the game after being removed, then the game would become a forfeit. (USA Softball rule 4.8).

Oct. 25, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Yet another you make the call

Two key points here:
1) Because the 11th spot in the lineup does not exist (was not on the official scorecard), the offense CANNOT put a substitute in for that player, even if it had one. And because the spot in the batting order does not exist, the offended team CANNOT be granted an out every time that “spot” comes up again in the order.
2) To obtain a penalty, the offended team has to appeal at the proper time. This is the same as appealing a batting out of order. The offended team MUST appeal after the batter finishes his at-bat and before a pitch to the next batter. The smart thing to do here would be to walk the batter then appeal. The batter would be out (and ejected) and any runners on base would return to the bases occupied before the illegal batter batted. (The batter is ejected because he is not on the scorecard and therefore not eligible to play in this game.) If the defense appeals while the illegal batter is in the batter’s box, the correct batter would assume the ball-strike count and finish the at-bat. So appealing at the correct time is essential if the team wants the benefit of a penalty.
Sept. 20, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: BLD start times for Tuesday Sept. 21

70 AAA bracket start times
1 seed: 11:30 a.m. Crosley - So Cal Gusto
2 seed; 1 p.m. Yankee - Nor Cal 70s (National Champion)
3 send: 10 a.m. Yankee - Valley Fog
4 seed. 10 a.m. Angel - HI Warriors
5 seed: 8:30 Yankee - Texas Rattlers
6 seed: 11:30 Yankee - Last Call
7 seed: 1 p.m. Fenway - Scrap Iron 5280
8 seed: 8:30 Angel - Sac Islanders
9 seed: 8:30 Angel - D&K
10 seed: 1 p.m. Fenway - USA Patriots
11 seed: 1:30 a.m. Yankee - Top Gun Patriots
12 seed: 8:30 a.m. Yankee - So Cal Warriors
13 seed: 10 a.m. Angel - Relentless
14 seed: 10 a.m. Yankee - KC Renegades
15 seed: 1 p.m. Yankee - Doughboys
16 seed: 8:30 Fenway - Git-R-Done
17 seed: 8:30 Fenway - St. George Gold

65/70 Major Plus bracket start times:
1 seed: 1 p.m. Wrigley - Timberworks (70 National Champion)
2 seed: 1 p.m. Dodger - Texas Crush (65 National Champion)
3 seed: 11:30 a.m. Dodger - Top Gun Elite
4 seed: 11:30 Wrigley - Blue Speed
5 seed: 11:30 Wrigley - Minnesota Masters
6 seed: 11:30 Dodger - McDowell

Aug. 11, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: You make the call

As Dave and others have said, Door #2 is correct. From the SSUSA rule book: "If the last batter of the
previous inning cannot continue to play because of injury, illness, etc., he will
be declared out and the next previous batter will be the tie-breaker runner."

Aug. 1, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Midwest Qualifier results

75 Major: 1. Softies by Patti Murphy; 2. KC Kids.
(Sorry I didn’t get this on the first list.)
Aug. 1, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Midwest Qualifier results

Forty-seven teams participated in the Midwest Qualifier at Mid-America Sports Complex in Shawnee, Kansas, where four of the 10 fields now are turf. Results:
50 Major: 1. S&S Exteriors; 2. Iowa Demons; 3. B&B Drywall.
50 AAA: 1. KC Elite; 2. KC Vintage; 3. Past Our Prime.
55 Major: 1. Iowa Demons; 2. KC Monarchs; 3. St. Louis Shockers
55 AAA: 1. KC Vintage; 2. Omaha Silver Bullets; 3. KC Stampede
60 Major-Plus/Major: 1. Midwest Merchants; 2. J&J Sports; 3. Blue Speed 65+
60 AAA: Omaha Silver Bullets; 2. Big Daddy’s Donuts; 3. Buck’s Run Farm.
65 Major/AAA: 1. KC Kids; 2. Plainsman; 3. Carriage Homes.
65 AA/70AAA: 1. OAK/ARK; 2. KC Renegades; 3. Redwings.
70AA/75AA/75AAA: 1. Midwest Driving; 2. R&D Leverage; 3. Midwest Express
July 11, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Southern Championships

Sorry to say that rain washed out the final day of the Southern Championships in Nashville. Here are the finishes by division:
50 Major: 1. 615 Honored/Sumner; 2. KB 50s/Huey Designs; 3. Walker Brothers.
50 AAA: 1. Dudley Lightning (IL); 2. 615 Senior Softball; 3. Outlaws and Outsiders.
55/60 Platinum: 1. Warner Roof/Nail Gun; 2. Legacy Sports USA;3. (Tie) K&I 55s and Dudley Lightning (MO)
55 AAA: 1. Bob Sykes BBQ/Hitmen; 2. Dudley Lightning (IL); 3. KC Stampede.
60/65 Platinum: 1. Suncoast Midwest; 2. Scrap Iron Rocky Mountain Thunder; 3. DT Express.
60 AAA: 1. Antique Roadshow; 2. Tennessee Connection; 3. The Power.
65 AAA: 1. TAG; 2. (By) Grace Redeemed.
April 23, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Music City Classic

Are you sure you are posting about the correct tournament? We didn’t have any hay at Cedar Hill. No need for it, either.
April 18, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Music City Classic

Results of April 17-18 Music City Classic in Nashville (43 teams).
- 40 Major: 1. DDA. 2. STL Ultra. 3. Dudley Lightning
- 50 Major Plus: 1. Dudley Lightning. 2. Midwest Titans.
- 50/55 Major/Major Plus: 1. Lighthouse. 2. 50 Degrees. 3. Team Arkansas.
- 50 AAA: 1. Dayton Legends. 2. Brotherhood Sports. 3. Action Sports.
- 55 AAA: 1. United Printers. 2. Derby City. 3. MN Lumberjacks.
- 60 Major/Major Plus: 1. Suncoast Adidas. 2. Windy City. 3. Dudley Lightning.
- 60 AAA: 1. Champaign Softball. 2. Midwest Eclipse. 3. TN Connection.
- 65 Major/AAA: 1. (By) Grace Redeemed. 2. Chicago Prime. 3. TAG.
Feb. 16, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: When sliding is NOT an option

There is a fine line between obstruction and interference on some plays at the bases. The National Rules Committee tweaked the obstruction rule this year to try to prevent some of the collisions that have been happening. Yes, the runner has the play in front of him or her and should try as best possible to avoid the collision. But if the defender isn’t fielding a batted ball, or isn’t in possession of the ball, he cannot block the base. Our tweaked rule took out the obstruction definition language “about to receive a throw,” which ASA (now USA Softball) did some years ago. So to answer Randall’s question, the call would depend on the totality of the circumstances. If the fielder was blocking the base without the ball while awaiting the throw, the correct call is obstruction; award the runner the base. Let the fielder know she cannot block the base without possession of the ball. Reminder the runner she can run to the side of the base to avoid a collision and still be called safe. However, if a runner has room to avoid the contact, and intentionally plows into the fielder instead, that changes things. Now you have an ejection.
Feb. 10, 2021
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Pitchers attire

Pitchers sometimes tape an injured finger. Example: taping two fingers together after jamming a knuckle on one finger.
Nov. 27, 2020
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Safe r out

Actually, the rule book does cover whether or not this situation is a dead ball. But before citing that rule, I want to stress that obstruction CAN be verbal.The key to an umpire calling obstruction is whether a fielder impedes the progress of the runner. The rule book does not say how “impede” must happen. It most certainly can happen verbally. Meanwhile, not all obstruction in SSUSA play is a delayed dead ball. See Rule 8.4(10), which says: “If play is being made on the obstructed runner or if the batter-runner is obstructed before reaching 1st base, the ball is dead, and all runners advance without liability to be put out to the bases they would have reached.”

Oct. 9, 2020
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Middle infielder positioning

SSUSA does not say where defenders must play, other than the catcher must be in the catcher’s box and the pitcher must be touching the pitcher’s box, and all defenders except the catcher must be in fair territory. Teams may play five infielders or five outfielders, or any other combination of infielders and outfielders they desire. (Many 40s men’s teams play five-man infields and use only three outfielders. Many 70s teams will use a “rover” who might be an infielder for one batter and an outfielder for the next batter.)
Sept. 1, 2020
Donna McGuire
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: "Illegal" player?

Mike, please also look at the 2019 rules committee minutes. The change to the unreported substitute rule is on the last page. Look under the tournament tab and click on the rules tab under it.
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