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SSUSA Staff & Award Winners

SSUSA National Office

(916) 326-5303 / (916) 326-5304 - fax  9823 Old Winery Place, Suite 12, Sacramento, CA 95827  Send e-mail to SSUSA

Terry Hennessy: CEO, International Send e-mail to Terry

Fran Dowell: Executive Director, Accounts Payable, Sponsors Send e-mail to Fran

Stephanie Hopkins: Director of Operations, Tournament Coordination  Send e-mail to Stephanie

Jeremey Briggs: Accounts Receiving, Entry Fees Send e-mail to Jeremey

Bobby Ellison: Player & Team Representative Send e-mail to Bobby

Nicholas "Nic" Francois: Communications Director, SSUSA News, International Trips Send e-mail to Nic

George Moreno: Rosters, Office Manager Send e-mail to George

Anthony "Spider" Hinojosa: Rosters, Ball orders Send e-mail to Ant

Tiffany Peck: Rosters, Rules Send e-mail to Tiffany

Amal Oraikat: Awards, Rulebooks, League Insurance Send e-mail to Amal

Shelby Roberson: Receptionist, Player and Team Registration Send e-mail to Shelby

New Player/Team Registration: Send e-mail

SSUSA National Directors

Michael Boone (917) 751-3521 - Send e-mail to Michael

Don Brooks (915) 525-3526 - Send e-mail to Don

Doug Doolittle (775) 742-8589 - Send e-mail to Doug

Dave Dowell • Scheduling (916) 326-5303 - Send e-mail to Dave

Ron Grassi (253) 678-1844 - Send e-mail to Ron

Hank Heffner (770) 757-8765 - Send e-mail to Hank

Bill Hill (916) 804-2243 - Send e-mail to Bill

Mike Hula (616) 307-2372 - Send e-mail to Mike

Tim McElroy (301) 514-2676 - Send e-mail to Tim

Felix Mendiola (808) 223-5433 - Send e-mail to Felix

Don Reddig (760) 221-0531 - Send e-mail to Don

Otis Rowland (916) 752-7413 - Send e-mail to Otis

Jerry Smith (951) 867-8650 - Send e-mail to Jerry

SSUSA Umpires in Chief

Rick Seifman, Vice President/Umpires - Send e-mail to Rick   

Marcus Bodie, UIC TN  (615) 337-8842 - Send e-mail to Marcus   

Gayle Collins, UIC FL  (386) 341-1376 - Send e-mail to Gayle   

Fredrick "KC" Craig, UIC UT  (435) 862-1068 - Send e-mail to KC   

Ron Grassi, UIC Northwest  (253) 678-1844 - Send e-mail to Ron  

Ken Laase, UIC WA  (253) 380-1840 - Send e-mail to Ken

Tim McElroy, Mid-Atlantic Regional UIC MD  (301) 514-2676 - Send e-mail to Tim   

Donna McGuire, Central Regional UIC MO  (816) 517-2903 - Send e-mail to Donna  

Ron Perkins, UIC TX  (830) 708-7219 - Send e-mail to Ron

Darryl Stewart, UIC Las Vegas  (702) 830-2117 - Send e-mail to Darryl 

SSUSA Official Photographer

Clover Schultz -

SSUSA Clubs & Leagues Program

Far West Region

SSUSA Office Staff, California

Rick Seifman, Arizona State Director (623) 776-3525 - Send e-mail to Rick

Jeffrey Kimoto, Hawaii State Director (808) 212-5953Send email to Jeffrey

Central Region

Randy Rowe, Central Regional/Missouri State Director (816) 623-3355 (816) 718-3221 Send e-mail to Randy

Florida Region

Gayle Collins  (386) 341-1376 - Send e-mail to Gayle

Great Lakes Region

Nancy Allen, Indiana State Director  (317) 372-1234 - Send e-mail to Nancy

Mike Dembicki, Michigan State Director (586) 202-8376 - Send e-mail to Mike

Mid-Atlantic Region

Tim McElroy, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director (301) 514-2676 - Send e-mail to Tim

New England Region

Emilio Notarantonio, Rhode Island and Cape Cod Director (401) 368-5100 - Send e-mail to Emilio

North Region

Bill Geisbauer, Minnesota State Director (651) 303-6816 - Send e-mail to Bill

Northeast Region

Chuck Sharkey, New York State Director (315) 569-0453 - Send e-mail to Chuck

Northwest Region

Lloyd "Butch" Jones, Washington State Director (360) 791-3862 - Send e-mail to Butch

Southeast Region

Dale McWhorter, Southeast Regional Director (205) 541-0488 - Send e-mail to Dale

Southwest Region

Don Brooks, Interim Texas State Director  (915) 525-3526 - Send e-mail to Don


SSUSA Convention Award Winners:

Updated 12/13/2023

Hall of Fame

2024: Dale Hood, Player, Pennsylvania

2024: Jim Goff, Director, Iowa

2024: Bob Johnson, Director, California

2023: Louise O'Donnell, Player, New Jersey

2023: Zhaoli Chen, International Director, Japan

2023: Mike Sisavic, Manager, Oregon

2023: Dick Anderson, Manager, Minnesota

2022: Carl Gustafson, Lifetime Award, Wyoming

2022: Doug Robbins, Special Category, California

2022: John Fournier, Player, Florida

2022: Rocco Cambareri, Manager, Florida

2021: Mike Smith, Player, Utah

2021: Richard Yarbrough, Sponsor, California

2021: Shane Verley, Director, Washington

2020: Tom Amundson, Player, California

2020: Don Brooks, Director, Texas

2020: Dave Sommerville, Sponsor, California

2019: Rick Seifman, Director/Umpire, Arizona

2019: Hugh Brotherton, Manager, Florida

2019: Ken (“Bogie”) Van Bogaert, Player, Wisconsin

2019: Joe Franco, Player, Washington

2018: Fran Dowell, Director, California

2018: Bobby Davis, Player, Florida

2018: Diana Gano, Manager, Arizona

2017: Dan Minnick, Player, California

2017: Norman Blackwell, Manager, California

2016: Clyde Phillips, Player, California

2016: Audie Hollis, Player, Florida

2016: Al Murray, Manager, Florida

2016: Don Stratton, Director, Florida

2015 Michael Boone, Player, New Jersey

2015: W.E. ("Bill") Ruth, Lifetime Achievement, Washington

2015: Chuck Towne, Manager, Texas.

2014: Mike Vetovich, Player, Washington

2014: Top Gun Softball Club, Organization, California

2014: Jerry Jackson, Director, Illinois

2013: Terry Hennessy, Director, California

2013: Guy Grasso, Player, Nevada

2013: Steve Simmons, Special Category, Minnesota

2013: Benny Villaverde, Director, Hawaii

2012: Jack Hudson, Manager, Florida

2012: John Meeden, Player, Missouri

2011: John ("JB) Barner, Umpire, Florida

2011: Gene ("Doc") Metcalf, SSUSA Ambassador, Arizona

2011: John Chacon, Player, Califonria

2010: Billie Harris, Player, Arizona

2010: Otis Rowland, Director, Oklahoma

2010: Jim Sherman, Player, Washington

2009: Bob Mitchell, Special Category: Founder, California


Award of Excellence:

2023: Robert Estfan & the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department

2021: Dave Carver and Torye Hurst, Loudoun County, Virginia

2020: Ed Farmer, General Manager, Big League Dreams

2019: John Stote, Sponsor, BSN

2018: David Rodriguez, Clark County Parks and Recreation, Las Vegas

2018: Dale Eeles, LVE,  Las Vegas

2017: Mark Jackson, Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing, Florida

2016: Dale Eeles, LVE,  Las Vegas

2015: Chris Abplanalp, Wilson Trophy, California

2014: Lee Island Coast, Florida

2013: LVSSA, Nevada

2012: Rick Seifman, Arizona

2011: Michael Boone, New Jersey

2010: Dave Dowell, California

2009: Ray Starwalt

2008: (Those saving lives through AED at Tournaments): Jim Sherman, Fran Dowell, Dave Dowell, Nancy Dillon


Executive Director Award:

2023: Aaryn Val, Executive Director of the Year, Explore Elk Grove

2021: Donna Dotti, Placer Valley Tourism

2020: Josh Hicks, Central Florida Sports Marketing

2019: Shar Costello, Boulder – Palace Station Casinos

2018: Robyn Nichols, Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority

2017: Frank Short, BSN, New York

2016: Sacramento Sports Commission

2015: Lisa Miolini, Sands Regency

2014: Josh Randall, Central Screenprinting

2013: Doug Robbins, California

2012: SSUSA Staff: George Moreno, Giovanni Crotti, Stephanie Hopkins, Ross McCulligan, Tiffany Peck, Barbara Zanze

2011: Jerry Jackson, Illinois

2010: Don Brooks, Texas

2009: Jerry Gass, Arizona


Outstanding Service Award:

2023: Allison Gruber, Executive Director, Lee County Sports Organizing Committee, Florida


Tournament Director:

2021: Gayle Collins, Florida

2020: Tom Bussey, California

2019: Joe Diana, Florida

2018: Mike Hula, Nevada

2017: Paul Cochet, California

2016: Doug Robbins, California

2015: George Fernandes, Nevada

2014: Dave Dowell, California

2013: Don Brooks, Texas

2012: Cal Allison, Florida

2011: Johnny Perry, Kentucky

2010: Steve Simmons, Minnesota

2009: Gus Linke, Iowa

2009: Chuck Sharkey, New York (Rookie Director of Year)

2008: Randy Rowe, Missouri

2008: Tim McElroy, Maryland (Rookie Director of Year)


Umpire of the Year:

2021: Kenzel Jessie, Maryland

2020: Gregg Devine, Oregon

2019: Linda Weber, Missouri

2018: David Lee, California

2017: Shane Verley, Washington (posthumous)

2016: Joe Lelievre, Florida

2015: George McGlothen, California

2014: Frederick “KC” Craig

2013: Donna McGuire, Missouri

2012: John Lytle, Nevada

2011: Tommy Bussey, California

2010: Bruce DuPuis, Washington

2009: Roger Mota, Utah

2008: Brad Crosby


Regional Director of the Year

2021: Mike Dembicki, Michigan

2020: Thom Mikich, Wisconsin

2019: Will Rogers, Missouri

2018: Bill Geisbauer, Minnesota

2017: Nancy Allen, Indiana

2016: Dan Haveron, California

2015: Randy Rowe, Missouri

2014: Shane Verley, Washington

2013: Michael Boone, New Jersey

2012: Keith Parker, Texas

2011: Frank Galuppo, Florida

2010: Pete DeRosa, New Jersey

2009: Mike Sisavic, Oregon

2008: Carl Gustafson, California



Complex of the Year:

2021: Walnut Creek Softball Complex (refurbished), Raleigh, North Carolina

2020: Victory Lane, Phoenix, Arizona

2019: Potomack Lakes Sports Complex, Loudoun County, Virginia

2018: Freedom Park Softball Complex, Valdosta, Georgia

2017: Arroyo Grande Softball Complex, Henderson, Nevada

2016: Princess Anne Athletic Complex, Virginia Beach, VA

2015: Auburndale Softball Complex, Florida

2014: Aurora Sports Park, Colorado

2013: Papago Softball Complex, Phoenix, Arizona

2012: Big League Dreams, Las Vegas, Nevada

2011: The Canyon Softball Complex, St. George, Utah

2010: North Collier Regional Park Softball Complex, Florida

2009: Walnut Creek Softball Complex, Raleigh, North Carolina

2008: Golden Eagle Sports Complex, Reno, Nevada

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