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Discussion: SW LVSSA Championships April 23-25, 65-Major Division

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April 3
Sweet P
Men's 60
191 posts
Wow, this years 65-Major division has 14 teams and 1 Major Plus team for a total of 15 teams, that's outstanding. The 65-division should be very competitive, congrats SSUSA.

WC All-stars/Team Watson
April 3

19 posts
Excuse me only "one" major plus team?
April 8

9 posts
I'm hearing that Timberworks will be in the double elimination bracket giving everyone 5 runs. Has anyone else heard that?
April 9
Men's 60
62 posts
If that is true then it is not fair to the major teams. Major plus teams were given 5 runs last year and still could not beat tworks. If you play them in rr then you are at a definite disadvantage in seeding. In the bracket you will get knocked into the losers bracket even though you could be one of the better teams in the division. Tworks got to this point by scooping up all the major plus players and now expect to be bailed out by the major teams. Let them play 5 games, give them the trophy and let the major teams determine who is the best team without their disruption.
April 9

9 posts
I just called Senior Softball, Dave was not available but the guy I talked with said it is still in the discussion stages and we should get an answer by the end of the week.
April 9
Men's 65
13 posts
It would be a disruption to Tworks if not allowed to compete.
April 10

4 posts
Shouldn’t Tworks just play 60 Major Plus?
Wasn’t SSUSA already giving Tworks Major Plus opponents 5 runs in 2018?
April 10
Men's 55
286 posts
Why all the wining fellas???...I thought we play this game to COMPETE!!
You guy are too dam old to be bitching about a team and the games haven't even been played yet!! You guys are giving up and the tournament is 2 weeks away!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
April 10
Men's 70
4368 posts
The 65+ division plays in Session 1 (Tuesday-Thursday) and the 60+ division plays in Session 2 (Friday-Sunday). That would create a scheduling difficulty in addition to being a bit unfair to require one team to change all of their flight and hotel arrangements.
April 10

215 posts
I agree with DD regarding flights/hotels etc. I also agree with righrj1 that we play to compete. All of that makes sense to me. The question I have is what are the player eligibility rules (geography) for Timberworks? Do they only have players from that boarder CA.? If that's the case ---all is fair. Let's move on.
April 10

3554 posts
In a rare departure from our normal policy, here are the statistics on the 17 roster players for Timberworks/Adidas (CA) for the Southwest Championships ... They will be playing (giving an equalizer in all games) in the 65-Platinum division with the fourteen 65-Major teams ... We anticipate a very competitively balanced division...

States13 California, 1 Arizona (bordering state), 3 Out-of-region (four allowed) and 0 Snowbirds (not permitted)
Out of Region • One each from Utah (age 69), Washington (age 70) and Missouri (age 69)
Roster Age Mix • Age 65-67 (7), age 68-69 (9) and age 70 (1)

In the event Timberworks/Adidas wins, the Runner-up will earn the full First Place awards set and a berth in the 2020 Tournament of Champions in the 65-Major category ...

April 10

16 posts
Thanks for clearing that up Dave.
April 10

59 posts
"Competitive" is a crock. You have a team that has not lost a 65 major+ tourney in 2+ years(including spotting runs), and now you put them against 65 major teams. I really thought with 14 major teams this would be a great tourney. Not anymore, unless you do what you did in the Winter World's from 2017 where Timberworks played but could not win a game. Otherwise, the only teams that will get an advantage are the ones in the opposite bracket of Timberworks, where they won't have to play them until the winners finals. If this is USSSA's stance, to let Timberworks play in a lower division, then you should let teams know up front before they enter a tourney.
April 10
Men's 60
62 posts
Here’s another point. Heaven forbid if you give timberworks a game or somehow beat them or if you win the Major division. Next stop is being rated major plus and “getting” to play timberworks 2 out of three for the next three tournaments. That really encourages a third or fourth place finish and think you are the winner.
April 10
Men's 65
2112 posts
800 and Idaho, those are valid points.
April 11
Men's 70
1250 posts
Timberworks is a great team and should be applauded for putting together such a competitive group of guys.

If they play down, use Major rules and still give runs then the advantage should be with the Major team. I have been on both sides of this equation and IMO the advantage is always with the lower division team unless the lower division team is truly a AAA team that has been bumped to Major.

Timberworks has had a revamping of their roster, losing some incredible players through age up and injury. This will be their most challenging season physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Mike Adair
Buckys 65
April 11

38 posts
I get sometimes in smaller tournaments - divisions have to be mixed. But this is a big tournament and there are 14 teams in the Major Division. So it's not the fact of creating a division so you can have a tournament.

To me - NYGNYY - there is a tremendous advantage to add out of region players - certainly more than 5 runs. It was bad enough when Major Plus teams had 2 - but now they are allowed more - further separating the rosters between a Major Plus and Major team. I think part of the thought process was to not have Timberworks give 5 runs to other Major Plus teams. And while this may be good for some of the Major Plus teams to help expand their roster - it puts further distance from the Major teams.

In Timberworks case, for example, they are getting a third player from Missouri who not only can hit for average, power, play defense but is one of the fastest players in senior softball. Certainly, worth 5 runs by itself - especially running for slower players.

In the past sometimes Major Plus teams have played down to a lower Major level - in this case would be 60's Major - but some Timberworks players usually want to play with other teams in 60's, too. I read in another post this would be unfair to them to do now. But equally unfair to 65 Majors would be the fact that given the roster status they are playing against - they are not able to add out of region players, too. But of course it would be too late to do that now.

I'm sure most of those teams - when they paid their $640 for the Southwest Championships - were not anticipating being eliminated in BRACKET play with a roster like Timberworks. The suggestion to do what was done in the past - have them play as exhibition - makes the most sense.

April 14
Men's 60
228 posts
I have been reading this blog as well as the other 65 blog that has been written about the past week. To be honest I have some really strong feelings about having to play against 65 plus. My team is Rezults 65 out of Vegas. If I remember right we won two tournaments last year. One was in Feb in a new Vegas tournament where we had maybe 3-4 teams at that time AAA. We won and than won our 2nd tournament at Sept Worlds. We were so hot we ran through most of division and won two games by 2 runs. We of course were moved up to Major 65,s WE lost around 6-7 players because they did not want to move up to Majors. We could not field a team for PHX Winter Worlds because we had half a team all AAA moved up now to major status. We played in Rick Siefman's Dec PHX tournament in Dec going 0-5 and lost to Roccos a team we had beaten by 20 in world championships. This time the tables turned on us and we lost I believe by 20. In March we again played in Siefman's tournament and again playing short lost all 5 games going 0-10 so far this year.It was ugly and we even lost to a 65 AA team in this tournament For April Vegas worlds we are right now at 10 and maybe 11 tomorrow if George allows us a player we want to add.I want each of you to understand I feel bad Timberworks only have 17 players Major plus but that is for another time. I wanted to write this past week but kept hearing a tug at my heart to wait. Today after a wonderful church service for Palm Sunday I understand why I was asked to wait. Today I tell you no matter what happens at 65 major worlds going 5-0 or 0-5 to extend our streak God is in control and I believe has plans for each team and we will be winners no matter what occurs on the field. Jesus DIED but beat death. I want God's victory not man,s so please all 15 teams of 65 major BRING IT ON. We may lose the game BUT NOT THE WAR of everlasting life. HUGS to every one I am number 14 on REZULTS team sometimes pitcher ,Would love to say hi at the games. Who Knows maybe we might have a David against the GIANT moment.I love playing this game but love God more. Thanks again.GI
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