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March 25, 2019
Topic: Rules of the game

Maybe if the boxes were all set the same in relation to the mat it would be easier. I noticed most of the boxes in Bullhead were set so the back of the mat was about 6" in front of the back line. Very hard to hit a ball that lands at the back of the mat when it is at your back shoulder coming down at the back of the mat. There was a lot of room at the front of the box in front of the plate. Thought that was what they were trying to stop with batters moving forward towards the pitcher. But maybe not. I agree that a one time out at that moment would be fine, an ejection seems harsh. Especially on a first year rule. I saw the end of the game in question, did not see the ejection. Would rather see the game decided on the field, not by a very subjective call.
Sept. 23, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: 55 Major

I think the order is this:
Ohio Elite
WC Thunder
SoCal 55's
Texas Rock N Legends
West Coast Water - Tied 5th, not sure who other 5th place team was.

Sept. 6, 2018
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Team looking for players for Las Vegas Worlds

Just a note. If you have your browser window at anything other than full screen, the dropdown items will disappear when you try to hover over it. So make your browser window full screen and it should work.
You get what you pay for and this is FREE advice.

Aug. 9, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Western Nationals Field Conditions & Balls

I have a few comments to make.

I will whine a bit about the fields at Maidu, at least the one we played on. Standing water in the outfield didn't make it fun, but SSUSA doesn't water the fields that I am aware of so all I can do is say that maybe something could be passed along to the folks who run the Maidu Park that a bit less water might do the trick. Or a lot less water.

1. Field conditions
On the field we played on at Maidu on Friday it was very wet in the outfield which made for pretty tough conditions running down anything hit through the infield. We ended up running much more for balls that hit the infield holes since they would stop well before they got to the outfielders in many cases. As I recall when I played at Maidu last year the same field was very wet and in the same condition. We played Foskett on Sat-Sun and they were pretty good. The outfields are a little rough in spots but we have all played on much worse fields. The infields seemed to be OK and the grounds crew did a very good job between games on preparing them. Take away the standing water on the field at Maidu and I thought overall they were OK. We won't always play on field of dreams level fields. But my hips would actually like me to complain a bit more about this than I am. They are a little pissed off about the extra running. I told them to shut up and take some Ibuprofen because there are more tournaments coming up.

2. The balls.
I did notice a seeming lack of home runs compared to other tournaments I have played in. It is not the rock ball and BLD for sure! But I am OK with that because it seemed maybe only true home run hitters or someone who really, really got a hold of one hit one out. We played 5 games and had 5 home runs out of the 30 possible. A couple of very timely ones which I guess made those seem all the sweeter and not the norm. I also saw some monster home runs in the 50's so the ball was flying for some batters. I actually kind of enjoyed not just standing in the outfield 6 times a game watching a ball fly out. Balls through the infield did not seem to be affected. I also think when the ball is not flying many batters change their thinking and start trying to go to opposite field resulting in many more infield fly balls and slow rollers than I have usually seem which may lead to the perception that the ball sucks more than it does. I don't bash the senior bats since it is unlikely to change but having some tournaments where the ball is not screaming out of the field seems like a good idea to me and made me enjoy it a bit more. I like defense more than offense anyway! But I can understand why some thought the ball was not very good.

Bottom line is that I enjoyed the tourney, thought the ball was just about right and that the field at Maidu could have been drier. Sure beats sitting home doing nothing. I appreciate all you guys that come out and give their best at every tourney. makes for some tough and fun competition.

Jack Z.
D&K Tradition 55's
May 16, 2016
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Moved to Utah and looking for a new team...

Here is a link to the softball schedules for Salt lake county.
There are senior leagues on Monday and Wednesday at Valley softball complex.
Good luck!
April 5, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Who won 50 major at Spring Worlds in St. George

I know it was down to the Texas bulls and AZ Old School. Anyone know who won it?
March 3, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Spring Worlds St George

Good to hear there will be more teams this year.
We are going to be there. Code Blue from Utah.
It's a great time to play in St. George.
Hope to see all of you there for some SOFTBALL!!!!
Sorry, winter is long and I am looking forward to getting out and playing some ball.
thanks for the replies.
March 1, 2016
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: legal age

Good to hear. At one time was it not the rule that the player had to be that age group age before November 1st of that current year to coincide with the SSUSA season? Or maybe I am just confused and it was never like that.
Feb. 27, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Spring Worlds St George

Are there any 50 MAJOR teams attending the Spring Worlds in St.George the end of March?
We are debating on going but each year it seems the number of 50 Major teams has been declining.
I would think this is probably due to the NorCal and SoCal softball associations putting on more tournaments closer to where most of the Major teams are located.
AAA seems to get a good number of teams but I don't like playing in a 2 or 3 team final bracket.
You basically get your 5 games in but 3 of those seem to be against the same team.

Even last year with just 2 50 MAJOR teams we played some round robin games against AAA but then had a 2 team playoff for the 50 Major.
I don't mind giving equalizer. I know some do and some of the AAA teams don't like it when a MAJOR rated team is in their final brackets, just as some Major teams don't like it when a Major+ team is in their final brackets.
I just want to play some different teams.

With travel and tournament costs it just doesn't seem worth it to me for 5 games, with most of those against one other team.
I can line up that kind of situation with another team in town and save all the costs for another tournament with more teams entered.

So at the end, any 50 MAJOR teams going to St. George at the end of March?

July 21, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Western Nationals

Who is going in the 50 major?
We are Code Blue out of Utah.
We will be there, hopefully there are other teams going.
April 27, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Las Vegas Tourney

Does anyone know the results from the 50 Major? There were 3 teams left. Summy's 55, MTC 55 and Aftershock.
Just wondering in what order they finished.
March 18, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: In Vegas this weekend

When I lived in Vegas the seniors used to hit every weekend at Lorenzi Park.
Might want to try and get ahold of the LVSSA (Las Vegas Senior Softball Association).
There is a contact number on there.
Not sure if they can help you but maybe.
March 16, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Spring Worlds

Any idea on when the brackets will be out for Spring Worlds?
Just curious since some of our players would prefer not to drive the canyon between St George and Mesquite every day and would like to know if we are scheduled for St. George or Mesquite fields.

Thanks and good luck to all.

Jack Z.
Code Blue
50 Major

Sept. 9, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Baserunner Retreating

From how I read and understand it, the BATTER would be out and all others return to the base they were occupying. Since there is a dash between batter and runner (batter-runner) indicating it is one entity that would be my interpretation. I think STAFF from SSUSA would have to clarify further.
Sept. 9, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Baserunner Retreating

From the SSUSA rulebook, rule 8.3 a runner is out when:

H. When he moves back toward any base to avoid or delay a tag by a fielder.
The ball is dead, the batter-runner is out and all runners return to the base
occupied at the time of the pitch
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