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Oct. 29

3 posts
Why are there players who are known for their "hard up the middle" reputations? Any player has the ability to hit the ball ,within reason,in a certain direction. Other than a screen,what can be done to prevent these wicked attacks? BTW....There was a S. Carolina pastor who was recently killed from a comebacker!!
Oct. 29

515 posts
Hey Bushnick,
I am a pitcher so I have my own view to this.
I have a glove (and wear shin guards and a mask), I have NEVER been upset when someone hits the middle. ( I mainly get upset for not catching the balls that I should have)
It is part of the game. It always has been and always will be.
If you don't like being hit at, DON'T pitch. Its simple.
I know there have been injuries and deaths when pitchers get hit, but there have also been injuries and deaths when the first or third baseman gets hit.
Should we not hit down the lines?
It is all part of the game and unless a player is intentionally trying to hurt a pitcher, I think it all good to hit the ball wherever you want to.
And yes, I have been hit and hurt before.
Just my 2 cents
Brett Cooper
PS. I actually like the action in the middle.
Nov. 9

5 posts
Yes, I too pitch and usually do not get mad at hits up the middle unless I know the player is swinging at me. This does not happen often. I appreciate all of the teammates who have said they have my back, but like Coop said, I am usually more mad at my self that the hit. There is no better feeling than getting that shot and throwing them out. Usually the pitchers who get mad all of the time, probably should not be pitching in the first place.
Nov. 10
Men's 60
345 posts
The answer is don't pitch, play the outfield its safer out there.

Why do some people speed, because they want to.

No one forced that person to pitch its a choice. In some association its no mandatory to wear a mask and some pitchers chose not too.

why should the game change because someone who does not have the skill to play that position want too.

In Florida we have a league, called Florida Half Century, they use a net. Some of the guys that are pitching only pitch because they have a net, and that's great.

We play tournament ball, the best of the best, don't go adding a net because it will water down the talent. Gear up and field the position.

With all that being said, players need not light up pitchers on purpose.

Nov. 20

3 posts
Don't get me wrong,I love pitching and I have no problems with the challenge of fielding the middle! I definately DO NOT want the screen!! I just can't fathom the idea that someone PURPOSELY tries to hit at the pitcher. BTW. I have NEVER encouraged my team to retaliate,at another pitcher, because I have been bombarded up the middle!!
Nov. 20
Men's 60
104 posts
If I recall correctly, back in 2007 there weren't any rules to protect the pitcher except perhaps the face guard (which I wore when taking the mound). There has always been a lot of hits up the middle and always will be, but as a batter I've always tried to keep them out of reach of the pitcher, who has a glove (hit it where they ain't).

On one occasion the middle outfielders presented a very large gap, so I loaded up and tried to hit a deep drive with all my might. I succeeded in the velocity department, but not the trajectory. My smash went between the pitcher's legs just below the crotch, and was past him before he reacted. I apologized profusely as I ran to first base, but the other team was having none of it. When I took the mound they purposely hit hard up the middle but I caught everything I could reach, and the retaliation lasted lasted only an inning or two.

How can we be certain whether a batter is intentionally trying to hurt the pitcher? Given that death is a possibility, such intent should have no place in our game.
Nov. 20

15 posts
I like to add to this debate.. I play in a travel league following SPA rules with a net and 11 fielders.. I saw our pitcher got blown up and knocked out of a game. I’m playing 60’s in a competitive league, they hit middle regardless. I know the pros and cons. I also know that change will happen in the future. I would say the younger guys—. 40 to 60 could be the option and 70 plus no option.. I’m all about safety and not ego. I would like to see lightweight chest protectors be available or made for softball. Money is to be made if someone could develop one..

We are a community and we need to treat it as such….
Nov. 20
Men's 75
606 posts
The larger sports store have chest protectors for youth and older catchers. Or check out
Nov. 20

15 posts
Thx Diesel..
Nov. 22
Men's 60
348 posts
Honestly hitting the middle has ALWAYS been "part of the game". I have been pitching for a LONG time and sadly have been hit too many times to count, never fun, usually hurts and at times pisses me off (like Brett said, most likely because I missed the ball! lol)

I will add one small caveat to this thread, that is guys who use shaved SENIOR bats (used to be simply shaved bats when I pitched against the younger guys). It's a damn shame that guys can't just break in the bat and not alter it. And when I am pitching against a guy and hear a "sound that most likely it attributed to an altered bat" then I am aware that should I get hit, I would prefer that bat be confiscated and if found to be altered then EXTREME punishments be handed out.

And you are correct Manny, if you are afraid to be hit then don't pitch but there are lines my friend to what is legal and IMHO these bats, when broken in, are hot enough. And as you are playing M or M+ level you know that once you are out of HR's then a LOT more balls come up the middle. What I LOVE to see is a senior grabbing a non-senior bat (I own a couple as well) to keep it in the yard as opposed to a shaved stick hard up the middle that if I get hit (albeit even accidentally) should NOT be "part of the game"!

Happy Thanksgiving and extended holidays to all! :-)
Nov. 22
k man
Men's 65
330 posts
Just curious what people think, how much does having a middle fielder deter someone from shooting the middle as compared to no middle fielder? BTW, in our last 60's in Ft Myers, one team moved an outfielder to middle infield. They had 3 excellent outfielders who covered a lot of ground. PS- when I manage 65's and am given the option of 5 runs or middle fielder, I usually choose the middle fielder.
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