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Discussion: what is the call

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March 2, 2016
14 posts
what is the call
Runner on third base goes on ground ball and straddles the commitment line until third baseman approaches him and then crosses the line . the catcher runs up and tags him. The rule says he is Safe and Ball is alive. SO does he have to continue to go across the Scoring Line or does the Run count right then? We had a situation where the catcher beat the runner to home and he was called Out. Runner did not attempt to return to Third and was stopped when tag was made. Thanks for your Reply
March 2, 2016
Men's 55
78 posts
Runner is OUT. As once you cross the commitment line, you must keep going to try to cross the scoring line before the throw reaches the catcher's mitt. If any attempt to return to 3rd base, runner is out by default.
March 2, 2016
Men's 50
32 posts
I think the runner is safe. Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn't the catcher (or any defensive player) tag home plate to call it out. That's the purpose for commitment line.
March 2, 2016
3310 posts
THE CALL: The base runner is SAFE in your scenario and the ball remains live. The runner is NOT required to advance toward Home, but he is PROHIBITED from returning to the 3rd base side of the commitment line once he makes contact with the ground on the home plate side (the "straddle") of the commitment line. If he does retreat back past the line, or even lifts his foot on the home plate side of the line, he is OUT immediately and the ball remains live.

In the scenario presented, the run is earned at the moment of the catcher's tag, for purposes of any "timing play" implications should there be additional out(s) on the play. Otherwise, the run is not earned until the runner touches the scoring plate or has a foot down on or down beyond the scoring line before a defensive player in possession of the ball touches the strike mat (or the plate if the mat has been dislodged.)

March 2, 2016
82 posts
An even more interesting scenario is the runner is chased to the commitment line by the 3rd baseman but does NOT cross the line.

As the 3rd baseman reaches out tag him, the runner steps over the line.

I believe the ruling would be the runner is safe because you cannot tag the runner after he crosses the commitment line.

(If the 3rd baseman had thrown home before the runner stepped over the line, the runner could retreat to 3rd.)

March 3, 2016
328 posts
That^ would be a heads up play!!
March 9, 2016
patrick jt
Men's 65
63 posts
i think safe once he touches the guy player interference and the play continues the runner must cross the line
March 9, 2016
patrick jt
Men's 65
63 posts
the ump will put his arm straight out and that means interference
March 9, 2016
3310 posts
patrick jt ... The runner is SAFE and the ball remains live by rule. There is NO interference event in the stated hypothetical and, accordingly, no need for an umpire to signal such. The ump may point to the scoring line/plate to indicate the run scores.
March 25, 2018
Men's 65
5 posts
The runner is safe if "anyone" tagged him after the line. If he's straddling it he's passed the line. The ball remains live. The catcher cannot run to the plate and get a force out....The run scores as soon as the tag is made. If anyone tags "before" the line he's out...period.
March 25, 2018
Men's 70
4051 posts
You're correct Linknblue, although you are a bit late to the party (by a little over two years!) ...
March 25, 2018
1975 posts
Once the runner crosses the commit line toward home he cannot be tagged out. If he is tagged that runner is automatically safe and does not have to touch the second home plate or cross the scoring line. The ball remains live.
March 25, 2018
1044 posts
dave... lmao
April 17, 2018
Men's 60
50 posts
i never would have known that the catcher cannot tag a runner coming to score. im glad i read this or i may have looked pretty silly at some point. 2 years late or not lol im still new to the senior game but i love the rules. other associations could improve their game with a lot of the senior rules
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