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Discussion: Help for those with Vertigo

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Aug. 5, 2014
3 posts
Help for those with Vertigo
I`m Davey Reed,on the Pro staff with Dudley Sports, have been in Senior Softball for 18 years, would like to talk about vertigo and how to still play. Vertigo is another name for dizziness. About a year ago, when I moved my head quickly or looked into something bright, I would start to get dizzy and throwing up. I lost 20 lbs. by Christmas. I had alot of tests done, everything was good, except, the Doc said, as we age, the crystals in your inner ear die off and don`t get replaced. When they get out of alignment they cause dissiness. Thru therapy, I learned 4 exercises that have helped me,that I would like to share: RELAX, then either sitting or standing, focus your eyes on a POINTin the distance. Move your chin down to your chest, 15 times without moving your eyes. THEN; 15 times move your chin upward, eyes still on your POINT, THEN: 15 times move your head from side to side keeping your focus on your POINT. THEN: holding your head still, move your eyes from sid to side 15 times. These exercises have really helped me and I`m still able to play. Good Luck with the exercises. Thanks
Aug. 5, 2014
Men's 70
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Thanks Davey! Although I don't suffer from vertigo I'm sure those that do will appreciate your post.
See you in Dalton.
Aug. 5, 2014
1 posts
Davey, I know exactly how you feel... I've been battling Vertigo on and off for years and struggling with it right now. I lost 15lbs just since the first of the year. Finally, I think I have a therapist who knows what she's doing to get the crystals back in place. Thanks for sharing your advice. Vertigo is more common than I thought... But it doesn't appear to have affected your ability to hit bombs -- LOL!!

#27 Wayne Griffin
Aug. 6, 2014
3 posts
I feel for you, thanks for your responce,try the exercises.
Aug. 6, 2014
Men's 65
1000 posts
Davey, Thanks for this post. my wife recently suffered a vertigo attack and we frankly did not know what to do about it. I will print this out and discuss it with her. Thanks, See you in Vegas.
Ed Andrews
Aug. 6, 2014
Men's 65
427 posts
thanks for sharing this with the guys on the board. I know I refered a senior hitter to you and he is doing much, much better. your one of the best hitters in the game, and that you are able to still keep hitting so well with this an inspiration to alot of others who want to do the same. thanks bogie
Aug. 7, 2014
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I was referred to Davey by Bogie. I've been suffering from this condition for 8 years. I had damaged my 2015 car of only 32 miles with $ $10,000. I promptly gave up my Company car and had to be driven every where. After speaking with Davey, a week later I was much better. So much so, I was able to visit with Davey for my struggling hitting game. I am grateful for his unscrambling my head and my hitting. He is a special and humble man. I was unaware of his accomplishments on the field after seeing his shrine. His care for a person and to post his vulnerability to help others shows his heart. I am now proud to call him a friend.
Aug. 8, 2014
Men's 75
194 posts
This is great info. I have been having problems with this the past few years. My consistency at the plate has been all over the road. Perhaps this is the reason. We'll see if this helps.
Aug. 9, 2014
Men's 65
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Davey-my wife has had bouts of vertigo, so I have given this to her for when it happens again. Interestingly, her chiropractor, the miracle worker, suggested the same program. Thanks!
The only vertigo I get is from looking up too fast to watch your rocket home runs, (or left fielder burns like you did to me in Reno the first time I saw you). :-)
Aug. 9, 2014
5 posts
Great post, should help a lot of people. I have one question!
You did not say how often to perform the exercises. once a day,
every 8 hrs or?
Aug. 10, 2014
3 posts
when ever i feel the dizziness come over me i take a deep breath and relax then do the exercises good luck
Aug. 11, 2014
Paul P
Men's 65
53 posts
Davey, I know we talked yesterday in Venice, and, to your point. As a person who's other passion in life is sailing, I had learned for some of my sea sick friends, to have them focus their eyes on the horizon. This seemed to help in the recovery process. I will add the exercises to their regimen as well. Good post and thanks for sharing!
Aug. 11, 2014
5 posts
thanks, that answers my question
Aug. 11, 2014
8 posts

I was in a motorcycle accident in June where a car did a U turn in front of me. I hit the car at 50MPH+ and flew 30+ feet over the car and landed badly. After being strapped to a board for over three hours while tests were run to make sure I was okay, I got up from the board and almost passed out from vertigo, which I never had before. For the next month, every time I laid down or got up from laying down, vertigo hit me hard and took 20-30 seconds to make it stop. On numerous occasions, I was woken up from a dead sleep with the spins. A one time visit to an ENT nurse helped me dramatically by sitting me in a chair which she inverted and had me turn my head in many different directions. Thankfully, I'm free of it for now, but was told the vertigo will be with me on and off for the rest of my life. If you haven't done so, please see an ENT specialist. Hopefully, they can help you like they helped me. God bless, and I'll be making a copy of DR7's suggestion to keep by my bedside.

Stay safe!
Aug. 11, 2014
Men's 70
329 posts
Ball thrown to second base, me, the runner got in the way. Ball impacted the left ear, busted ear drum and other problems with hearing, vertigo and objects at a dstance appear to jiggle...Medical staff suggested the CAWTHORN'S Exercises...Vertigo and jiggling have began to fade.
Oct. 11, 2014
Men's 65
31 posts
I have had vertigo, the first time I had it I was changing my oil on my car ,I was under the car to remove oil plug , I turned my head sharply, I thought I was having a heart attack, I started to sweat profusely, felt very very dizzy,I live out in the country so I called 911 and the ambulance took me to the hospital where the doctor had me lay on the bed and do some specific exercise, The doctor said I had Benign Positional Vertigo. Look it up on the internet for the exercise.
Oct. 13, 2014
Men's 70
47 posts
Hey Davey, we've talked several times at FHC tournaments. My name is Jeff Thomas (the old fart with the glasses, mustache and hairy chin)and I play with Globe Trailers 65's. I thought I had Vertigo 14 years ago because I got dizzy and walked funny. Turned out it wasn't Vertigo it was Miller lite-itus. So I quit drinking and it cleared right up! Several years ago my (ex)wife said I was too dizzy. I told her I thought it might be vertigo. She assured me that's not what she was referring to. We got divorced and...yep you guessed cleared right up. Just when I thought I was over it, I got the final divorce settlement and damned if it didn't come back again!

All kidding aside Davey, I will share your information with anyone that may have Vertigo. You are truly a caring, compassionate man on and off the field. It is my honor and pleasure to have you as a friend. Hope to see you at the Winter Nationals in Ft Myers.

March 24, 2015
Men's 70
481 posts
The following suggests that low levels of Vitamin D may be involved with the vertigo of some people. If you have vertigo you should at least get your vitamin D level checked or at least start taking supplements of vitamin D3 which is very cheap.
March 24, 2015
Men's 60
444 posts
Got blood work done to check for sugar levels, PSA etc...found great home exercises on google which was approved by my Dr. Doctor prescribe some motion sickness meds for the bad attacks, he also said my inner ear was inflamed...too much winter surf I guess!!! Ha, Ha...Aloha, Fabe
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