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Nov. 18, 2022
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 11 Players For 65 Brackets

I was against the rule before it was implemented without much input from the players. I am a 65 major player who plays in park leagues and occasionally at the AAA level. The 11 man rule changes the game but not substantially at the AAA or AA level. At the major level, its ruined the game. Its running older players out of the game as the quality of major arms and fielders far outweigh the aging legs of the players. Not just one extra out but two... . With quality infielders its a rolling buffet of double plays, not only getting the first out ( the guy who got a hit) but the second guy who has no speed and hasn't learned to hit it elsewhere. Hint, don't hit it there ever at all. I hate the rule at the major level. I know of no one at my level who likes the 11 man rule but mostly it kills batting averages of guys who go up the middle which used to be a good thing. We saw an average of three or more double plays in a seven inning game. I could care less about five outfielders but five infielders with good gloves and arms literally kill run scoring innings one after the other. The extra player replaces footwork on the second baseman and a good arm because its no longer necessary.

I doubt its going to change and I don't care for the way in which it is implimented but personally, I see people leaving the game because they are so disappointed in their performance against an 11 man infield. I personally, think its hurt traveling teams at from normal places, ( not southern teams who play a lot and can learn to adjust) They just aren't coming to tourneys because of that, high travel expenses and inflation.

Moral of the story, don't hit it there and I wish it was only a AAA or below rule.
April 28, 2022
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Enough Said

Is there any difference in any broken in senior bat vs another? Brand wise... I hit the ball hard and hit home runs occasionally at 65 but take little BP, as I can only play tournaments, ( no league). Take a few cuts before the game and go up to bat. Historically.. I have always swung one bat til it broke. Combat, green endload melee, and now an old Miken PT from 2017 two piece end load that has finally got some pop to it. As little as I am getting to play, I am considering getting a bat rolled, if its legal. I can tell when a bat is hot vs when its not. Having been given a 12 inch melee 2, 27 end load, I find its hard to get a sweet spot on it vs my end load 14 barrel, ( duh). So should I stick with it???
April 16, 2022
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SLI hitting Academy

Is Steve's basic philosophy to throw the hands through like a frisbee keeping the bat flatter through the hitting area? I see his swing and videos...I know Steve and my bat has his name on it...
March 9, 2022
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 11 defensive players 65+

I have played in two 65 Major tourneys with this rule. It sucks. It changes the game due to the double plays that are constantly occurring. The extra infielder doesnt just get one out, it gets two because the legs at 65 can't match the advantage given by the rover being in position just to catch it and double the hitter up. Changes the entire game as we have played it for decades. Not a fan at all. It might be okay with lesser skilled levels but its not a one to one advantage. Its a two to one advantage. Penalizes the hitter before the guy way more than the game intended. Not fun.

Dec. 17, 2021
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 11 defensive players 65+

My experience as a left handed relatively fast outfielder on a 65 Major team, is that this rule will change the game we love for the players in a bad way. I have read the arguments for the rule and find it hard to swallow that it failed miserably and was not published for comment, before passage. I do not understand why when a team plays in the tournament in a different division, below them, by choice, they then change the rules of play for teams that had no say in them being in the tournament. Our traveling teams from the North, will most certainly, be attending less tournaments because of this rule alone. It left a bitter taste in our mouth but mainly because of the "Wayne" factor. The middle infielder turns one out into two because its so much easier to double up aging runners where without it, you can't do so. That player is in position to take the short throw and get the runner out, in a traditional double play, in a weighting that much outweighs the need. It changes the game as double plays kill rallies and innings. Instead of the one player adding an out, it adds another "cheap" out, that til today, did not exist. Give the extra player in the outfield, he only adds the initial out if he catches it, not the one before him in an easy double play. The game historically paid going up the middle and now, the historic way we have played the game is changing. Sure you can simply tell your hitters to never go there and fight back, but this rule change is damaging to the game. Slow runners will give up the game and not hurt their teammates because they are always double plays. I equate this rule to when they dumbed the balls down and players began to no longer enjoy the game and left in droves. I hope that Las Vegas softball sees this as an opportunity to take back competitive softball as its much easier to get to Las Vegas than anywhere in the country, from anywhere. I know that leadership intends well, but this is a poor choice. It is most certainly a poor choice at the 65 Major level.
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