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May 27, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Senior force out question

CW - DD clearly answered your first question, force play at home as well as all three bags, a force was in place and really not any way to add in the rules for more clarity. if you are asking about the commitment line, it is clear also by definition, if commitment line has been crossed, runner cannot return to 3rd base, neither can he be tagged by a defensive player, only the home plate/strike mat can be tagged for an out prior to the runner tagging or crossing the scoring plate or scoring line.

As for your bonus question, if there is no force play at the plate, the fielder reverts back to his training, check the runner back to third and get the out at first base. if the runner continues to run to attempt to score and crosses the commitment line simply throw to catcher to tag the home plate/strike mat before the runner tags or crosses the scoring plate or scoring line. Remember that you cannot tag the runner after he crosses the commit line. This might have been what you were looking for in your bonus question as the pitcher was fielding the ball and running to the plate which is also okay, doesn't matter which fielder tags the plate.
May 8, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Here is one I have never seen.

Grandpa is correct as well as the umpire in the original post, providing the shortstop is deeper than the projected base path from 2nd to 3rd. SSUSA Rule 8.2.C.1

As to a 5 or 4 man infield, this is mute point and no advantage or disadvantage on number of infielders, seldom if ever will the infielders be playing inside the projected base paths. Also, extremely unlikely for a runner to be hit with a grounder or line drive while standing on second base, but when this oddity does occur, there is a rule in place to cover. The rule as written favors neither the offense or defense.

April 17, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Slap hit

Umpire was wrong if she didn’t chop the ball down resulting in a high hop,and difficult force out at first on a quick runner, as well as anyone that would interpret the rule as anything less than a “swing” as poster clearly stated that the batter “broke her wrist during the swing” Sad that there are a growing number of umpires that get many applications of the written rules so wrong.
April 16, 2023
Topic: Bats
Discussion: What is Rating for Senior Bat ( LUNCHBOX ) ?

Go to Senior softball bat reviews - Dave Velasquez currently shows as his second highest rated bat - or go to YouTube and enter the bat that you are interested in, chances are he has already rated, hope this helps
March 23, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Verbal Interference

gh59 -Definition below copied from SSUSA Rule Book

Interference is the act of an offensive player or team member that impedes or
confuses a defensive player attempting to execute a play. A base runner must
avoid a fielder making a play.

if you are asking for an official rules interpretation on this subject from your 3/20 post (also copied below):

grayhitter59 said "OK, so let be specific. ground ball in the infield, player sitting in the dugout yells boot.

Verbal interference?

can staff or Dave confirm?"

the answer to Verbal interference? Absolutely not verbal interference

if you are looking for an answer to why a TD would seek you out after the game and tell you that it WAS verbal interference, just accept that they made a mistake. BECAUSE you don't know what story they were told. They may have been told that the runner bearing down on the fielder was shouting out BOOT BOOT which then becomes an umpires judgement call as others above have said in their response(s) above.

Sounds like you got a bit "butt hurt" as once again on March 23rd you are asking for an official rules interpretation on this subject. Refer back to BJ's comments where he quotes DD, (I'm going to steal a slogan DD always uses I'll know it when I see or hear it happen.....and i will add "that's the sign of a good umpire")
March 22, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 9. Make safety bag plays safer

i have delayed responding to this rule change hoping that SSUSA would possibly comment as DirkPitt has alluded to above.

Also the reasoning given by BJ and others is very sound. I agree that this change in the rule might negate the need for a double bag at first base, puts even more onus on the runner to avoid collision as well as to "require" the runner to change course but not the defender.

The use of a double bag at first is intended to give the defense a bag to tag and the runner a bag to tag thus minimizing the opportunity for a collision, at least i think this is the primary safety reason for the double bag. When a routine play is made the double bag has a home - safety first.

As this new "amended rule" is read by me and many others, you now just have a 1st base bag that is twice as wide as a single bag, 1/2 in fair ground, 1/2 in foul ground.

And now a source for possibly more disputed calls (fair or foul? did it skip over white bag or orange bag? did the defender tag the wrong color bag? did the runner tag the wrong color bag? or was his foot wide enough to tag a portion of both bags?) and more potential collisions.

Just some food for thought from another one of the older guys playing and still umpiring. thanks, RR

March 21, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Cleats

Hog - As answered above by SSUSA Staff - no metal cleats - see below for reference in published rule books for three most influential softball organizations

SSUSA - Section 3 Player's Equipment, para 3.1 Metal cleats are prohibited

USA/ASA Section 6 Uniform, para G Shoes Metal cleats are prohibited

USSSA Rule 2 Equipment, section 9 Metal cleats are prohibited
Feb. 27, 2023
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: 55 in N.C.

Mayhem25 If you are close to Wilmington, NC and want to play during the week, text me 919-796-6397 two leagues to choose from, RR
Feb. 8, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: legal catch

in the original post, an umpire uses the following sections of the SSUSA Rule book to decide the proper call when ball control dictates the umpires decision

1.10 CATCH

the original post should be more specific because he asks, "does the player have to remove the ball from his body and maintain control for it to be a legal catch"

if the defensive player is "in control" of the ball with his BARE HAND against his body, this is an out He is not in control of the ball with any other body part

Another example of applying the above definitions from the rule book - A catch of a fly ball can be made in the crook of the arm, cradled against the stomach, or other body part so long as the player at some point controls the ball with bare hand or glove BEFORE the ball hits the ground.

Another example of applying the above definitions from the rule book - A player with the ball in his control via bare hand or glove can't bump into a runner with his elbow, shoulder, hip etc, he must tag the runner with the hand or glove containing the ball (under control)

You can never simply arbitrarily rule that (The ball cannot be trapped against his body.) If it is controlled by his bare hand against his body is the Key to making the correct call in the original post.

Webbie25 - i am in total agreement with you on all the replays in sports today, no wonder people complain about the length of games, basketball is getting just as bad as football and baseball

Jan. 16, 2023
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Senior player bat speed

Rob64 - thanks, but my primary interest is only the bat speed as it relates to a playing groups collective age. Ball used, bat used and other factors contribute to the exit speed. I’m just hoping that some of the folks that run spring clinics for players or bat reps that have open sessions for players to test their new products have a general feeling of bat speed by age, good educated guess is all I need but if there is calibrated speeds that would help even more. Thanks in advance for anyone with some good info.
Jan. 15, 2023
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Senior player bat speed

To anyone - What might be the typical or average bat speed for Senior players, if anyone has some data based on age groups possibly? Data would be used in a general discussion of Sr players in our league to discuss difference in BPF 1.20 vs 1.21 and performance at different bat speeds. Or if a graph or comparison of this sort has already been done, point me in the right direction and thanks, RR
Jan. 11, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 1st Base force out

DD - curious why you wouldn't comment? And BJ, correct this is a force out play and not a "tag" on a runner. Glove on a hand, same as a shoe on a foot, for this particular play.

DD - on another note, with the rules committee meeting concluded yesterday, do you know when those notes will be posted to the website under the Rules drop down tab under the Tournaments tab?
Jan. 10, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 1st Base force out

Any part of the fielders body, including his hand inside the empty glove can tag the bag as long as he has control of the ball in bare hand as you have described. It is a pity to hear and read some of the calls that are being made by some of the umpires. If they are certified by an association they should know better.

Oct. 22, 2022
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: How would you call this one?

to all - i agree with the call, batter/runner is out for passing previous runner as originally posted, but what would ruling be if the runner on first is tagging with foot on bag and the batter/runner ran straight down the right field line after tagging first base with no feint or perceived attempt to continue on to second base? does he come back (is this a requirement) to first to resume running the bases AFTER the runner that was occupying first base has exited? or does he resume running the bases BUT makes sure he doesn't come alongside or pass the other runner even though his path is well outside the path the 1st base runner is taking?
Sept. 12, 2022
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: runner interference

BJ - I agree with you 100%, i just wanted to help the original poster to understand and locate the rule(s). And yes, the rule book is definitive and is to be followed and has leniency to allow an experienced umpire to apply their hard earned mechanics and years of experience to make the proper judgement call to provide a fair and equitable game for both teams. Much emphasis on runners ALWAYS making every effort to avoid contact with fielders making a play. Safety first.
Sept. 11, 2022
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: runner interference

The original poster is asking for clarity for SSUSA rule book reference 8.7 listed on page 52 of the SSUSA Rule Book

SSUSA Rule book has clarity for this situation, under Definitions 1.45 Interference -this runner would be out,

also under 8.6 • WHEN SLIDING IS OPTIONAL - AVOIDING COLLISIONS which is a two part rule listing, the second half of the rule states, "if in the umpire’s judgment the runner fails to avoid a collision with a defensive player involved in the play, the ball will be declared dead and that runner called out."

One of the posters above has interjected ASA/USA rules to differ with this outcome of the play but ASA/USA Rule book Section 7.J.1 states that the runner is out and gives Effects A,B,C,D,E for accidental or incidental contact and also 7.J.4 also for intentional contact - runner is out and lists the same Effects A,B,C,D,E

Both Ruel sets agree, this runner is out for interference with fielder making a play on a batted ball if it prevents or hinders the fielder from making a play on a base runner or batter/runner

Aug. 31, 2022
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Baden Balls

tatoo - let me get this straight as your response to me seems a bit personal.

the initial post asked, has anyone had the occasion to hit these Baden balls, i responded yes, and described the Baden ball that we hit to the best of my ability, without writing down a model number

as far as "Especially coming from someone that "reps" another company?" This guy from Brunswick County, (that was given the balls and probably from a Baden Rep?) sells all kinds of softball equipment, he simply wanted a diverse group of seniors to hit the ball and give him an honest evaluation. Job accomplished

facts that i posted were from personal experience, all 10 players were in lock step as to the results

Next time we will include a dial indicator caliper to check the diameter of the sphere that we are hitting, and see if we can find a Brinell hardness tester to check the surface hardness of the spheres that we are hitting.

As i said in my original post, "Just an observation, not even sure if this would be same ball as described in the posts above."
Aug. 31, 2022
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Baden Balls

One of the Sr players in Brunswick County, NC had been given a couple of the "Baden Fire" red lettered balls for trials a couple of weeks back. This player apparently reps different bat and ball distributors and/or manufacturers.

Those of us that hit this ball were told that the overall diameter of the ball was slightly less than the AD Starr Tatoo 44/375 ball that we use and were comparing during these trials. Visually you could not discern the diameter was any smaller on the Fire vs the Tatoo (possibly manufactured to the bottom of the specification tolerances relative to diameter?).

The ball felt good coming off the bat initially but after approximately 10 batters hitting maybe 10 each, the cover felt "softer or rather more spongy" as described by all of those hitting this ball. The performance of the ball fell off during this approx 100 + hits as all hitters agreed.

Just an observation, not even sure if this would be same ball as described in the posts above.
Aug. 23, 2022
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Hitting

gary - if you change to a chest high and/or even shoulder high pitch i can almost guarantee you better results especially in your power shots. Tendency is to hit ground balls when waist high or lower pitches are hit as well being more selective will minimize "reaching" for lower pitches.

Practice by being selective of higher pitches when you stride into your swing, emphasize on "practice" Also as a senior player, position yourself forward in the batters box. I place my right foot (right-handed batter) even with the front of the plate, which works for me. Hope this helps, others may differ as everyone is different
Aug. 5, 2022
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Legal pitch

rt - on the tool bar on home page, click on "tournaments", click on "rules", Section 6 pages 34-39 cover pitching regulations for SSUSA. Should be applicable in almost all Sr Associations.
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