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March 19, 2022
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Balls in St George

Jon44, thanks for the update. I care less about the performance frankly than finding out if this is a permanent change, a one tournament change, what....just some clarity. It's definitely a first world problem but my team is sitting on a shit ton of balls we were told would be good all year.

I'm not really a bitch and moan kind of guy; having run tournaments most of my adult life I get that you have to react on the fly sometimes; but there is no excuse for the lack of communication here or via email when a respectful question regarding a major change is asked. It's kind of the point of having a message board in the first place.

Not looking for a fight, just some clarity moving forward.
March 15, 2022
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Balls in St George

Tell me more please.....

We were assured we'd be using the Trump Stote exclusively this year and now in the first TOC of the year we're being asked to buy a different ball....and only a week to a week and a half before the event. That ain't right.

My team did our due diligence, asked the right questions of the right people, planned ahead and are now sitting on 14 dozen Stotes we can't use to supplement what you provide in St George and perhaps the rest of the season.

I understand supply problems but they are YOUR supply problems, not those of your customers. Changing the ball this close to the tournament and adding expense to teams that have acted in good faith is no way to do business or treat your clients.

I ran both adult and youth events for 25 years and I understand the advantages of eliminating variables like the ball by mandating we all use the same ball. That said, when you can't provide the ball you've previously advertised as the exclusive for your events and teams have purchased same in good faith planning for their year, it makes sense to compromise.

Makes sense to me that given the short notice you should allow the Stote for this tournament at minimum and probably for the year.

Absent that, maybe it's time to get out of the ball business and let us bring our own with a few caveats- like must be 44/375 and have your stamp and no Vegas Rocks, etc. I get that balls are a profit center but is it really worth the headache in the end?

Pretty sure I know where this argument will go because I saw the same issue get shot down in short order last year but someone had to ask. My co-coach wrote the office and got a one sentence supply chain answer this afternoon.

What the heck is an ISA X-Rock? Is it comparable to the Stote? If it is, lets use both! Is it a Vegas Rock? Then let's all bring our supply of that stupid thing I had hoped I would never see again.

In the meantime, tell us more. Why now? Why this ball? Why can't we use Stotes as well since so many of us have them or if it's like the Vegas Rock (God Forbid) let us use those.

Some will call this much adieu about nothing and I'll respectfully disagree. I don't care if this new ball is good, bad or ugly, that's not my point. Springing this on us a week (or less for the older teams) before we leave and adding cost to teams that already invest a small fortune to play with you all year is.

I was on the utrip senior FB page the other day and one of the things I said I really appreciated about SSUSA was that you provided a reliable, consistent product. This is neither.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any consideration/ thought you give to this.


Feb. 1, 2022
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Rare Opportunity !

I can personally vouch for Dave and for Scrap Iron. Great guy to play with/ for and the Scrap Iron organization is first rate. Give him a call if you're looking for a team!
Dec. 14, 2021
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Coin flips

Late to the game cuz I don't spend a lot of time here. Dave apologies in advance for jumping into this can of worms late.

It was my proposal that you considered and sent down in 1-11 flames and it frankly surprised me. LOL No offense taken but I thought it was a slam dunk! I'm 57 this year and play 50 major so I've been around the senior game for a little while. Spent a good portion of my adult life as a USSSA State Director and sat on the National Rules Committee.

I've talked to myriad umpires and most thought it was a good idea. Polled players for a few years and invariably the answer is "that's the way it should be ya". Maybe it's because I spend most of my time with the 50's and we see things a little differently than the older divisions, but the guys I talk to, and it's been a ton of them, see it differently than the rules committee did.

I was once the 'guy in charge' and I always prided myself on listening to my player body. My polling, and again it's only a couple hundred 50 and 55 players showed this had overwhelming support. I'll propose it again next year with a few modifications and maybe get 2-3 votes :)

You're the guys in charge now and I'd encourage you to seek out players thoughts not just on this subject but on others. Whether that's an end of season managers/ players survey or informal chats at events. Good things happen from the marketplace of ideas.

I proposed the team on the hill be given the choice....those suggesting you prefer visitor....nothing has been taken away from you. Choose visitor.

As for a 'huge' advantage. Being home team in any sanction and at any age is an advantage. I don't see anything in senior that makes it any different. It's an advantage, certainly not a 'huge' one.

I'll never be a proponent of the higher seed thing, pool play opponents are so random. We've been in championship games the last few years as the last seed and the one seed.

I am a proponent of giving the team on the hill their choice obviously. They've earned it by not losing a game. Get to the IF where both teams have a loss and are on equal footing again....flip a coin.

Thanks for your ear, keep doing what you're doing, Tenacity appreciates your efforts. We had a great time in Phoenix and are looking forward to St George.

Nov. 11, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Winter Worlds 50 Major- 8 Homeruns?

Hey Dave,

Looking at our bracket for Phoenix next week it says we get (8) eight homeruns?

Is that a typo, new rule or an equalizer of some sort since we have a + team in the bracket?


Oct. 4, 2017
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Colorado 50 AAA looking for a shortstop for the 2018 season

Hey All,

Scrap Iron/ Elite is looking for one player to complete our 2018 roster. We finished in the top three at the majority of our events in 2017 and just finished our year with a Sunday 9th place finish in Las Vegas at AAA.

We expect to play AAA in 2018 again and we're looking for a legit shortstop to complete our roster. Fun group of guys, we go on the road roughly six times for the year and plan to stick to SSUSA events mainly in the west.

If you have interest in discussing the spot please contact Scott at

Thanks and see you at the ballpark!
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