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Jan. 29, 2024
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Posting game scores


You don't need a guy for a 6-day qualifier. That would cost time and money for a volunteer. What you need is at a minimum one guy for each complex for each three day qualifier in the 6 day events. If you don't get the volunteers, that complex or age division doesn't get updated.

I have previous recommended this to SSUSA.

My team hopes to play in the Spring Worlds. I will volunteer to post scores for all 80 teams playing at the same complex. I will not stay around over the weekend to help the younger guys. Hopefully someone will volunteer from their teams to post scores. If you wanted, SSUSA could offer a small credit on tournament registration for teams that volunteer to post scores.

I will consider doing all the scores for the complex we play at depending on the upload method. On a daily basis, my updates will be submitted based on when I leave the park (If I have two early games, I will not wait around until the late games are done). The only issue for me is if my team gets knocked out of the tournament early and we leave early. That could be solved with a phone call to the Director at the complex.

My name is Rich Root - Manager of the Minnesota Masters 80 team.

PS - The key is the method of uploading the scores. If this is easy enough, the tournament Directors at the complex could do it. A simple fillable pdf form for each division would work for me. I would think we could set up a spread sheet that could automatically determine the seeding and then organize the bracket play. My spreed sheet skills are minimal, but I bet we could find SSUSA players that would be able to do so.
Dec. 21, 2023
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Top Gun Classic - Bullhead City - 80 Teams

I manage an 80 team. We are not able to get enough players to play at the Bullhead tournament. We have several players interested in going to the tournament and would like to join another 80 team if they are short of players.

Please email me at if you could use players for this tournament.

Rich Root
Manager Minnesota Masters 80 AAA
July 28, 2023
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Rochester - 10,000 Lakes Classic - August 18 to 19 - 80+

The Minnesota Masters 80 team would like to play in this tournament.

We would like other 80 teams to join us so that we can have an 80+ division.

The Quad City Classic was successful in having a four team 80+ division this year. We would like to duplicate this effort in Rochester.

This will provide 80+ teams more opportunity to play against other 80+ teams in the midwest..

May 9, 2023
Topic: Tournaments


I would like to expand the discussion on where 80 teams are playing. I am the general manager of the Minnesota Masters 80 team. We play out of St. Paul, MN. It is very hard for us to find tournaments with other 80 teams.

This year we are going to the Quad City Classic (SSUSA)- June 20th to 21st ($400).

Last year there was one 80 team at this tournament. This year, through the work of the Senior Red Birds coach, I believe that there are 4 teams coming. We encourage others to take a look at this tournament and join us.

We hope to play the Indiana Hoosier Classic in Shelbyville, IN in early July and Ridge Hooks World Championship in Columbus, OH in early August. Both SPA tournaments.

I am putting together an 80 team managers email list. The purpose is to share planned tournament participation with other 80 team managers.

This is important for us in the middle of the country where tournaments with 80 teams playing are few and far between.

If you are interested in sharing information with us, send me and email.

Rich Root
General Manager - Minnesota Masters 80 Team
Jan. 29, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Change in Player Eligibility for 75+ and 80+ Teams

Could someone at SSUSA please provide us with the reasoning behind this change in eligibility requirements for the 80 teams?

It is hard to understand how creating a reduce player pool for this age group improves senior softball.

Please help us better understand your thinking on how this improves the 80 teams.
Jan. 15, 2023
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Change in Player Eligibility for 75+ and 80+ Teams

At the recent SSUSA Rules committee meeting, SSUSA decided to change the player eligibility requirements for the 75+ and 80+ teams (Item 18). There was no background information provided on the need for this change. I offer the following comments as a manager involved with both a 75 and 80 team.

I believe that we can all agree that the player pool available to play softball generally decreases with each year of increase in player age. There are more 70 year olds playing softball then 80s.

For my 75 team, you are eliminating the five 74 year old players from my roster but forcing 78 year old players to remain on 75 teams. This change has a small negative effect on our 75 team (more 74 year olds playing softball (lost) than 78s playing (gain). This change helps the 70 teams by forcing the 74 year olds to stay on 70 teams.

For my 80 team, your change is a disaster. We were allowed 7 underage players. The new rules cut that to 3. You have eliminate the 78 year olds, but have not forced the five 83 year olds (allowed to play on 85 teams) to stay on 80 teams (No change was made to the eligibility requirements for the 85 teams.).

The adopted player eligibility requirements make it more difficult to field an 80+ team (less players available).

It would be interesting to hear what other 80 team managers have to say on the subject. It would also help to see the arguments presented to SSUSA on the need for this rule change.

Rich Root
Co-Manager Mn Masters 80 Team
Sept. 3, 2022
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: LV 75AAA schedule issue

There is further discussion on this subject under the tread "75 AAA NEEDS A PLAYER FOR THE WORLDS IN VEGAS."

Sorry Charlie - your tread got overrun by this subject.

Dave in the above tread, you indicated that the team that forfeited out was because of the schedule. I didn't see it, but I assumed that you had Seed 2 playing Seed 15 instead of the current bye shown for Seed 2. If I am wrong, I am sorry. If I am right, this schedule in no better or worse than the original schedule.

The obvious issue is SSUSA's decision not to have 75+ teams play more than two games a day. This criteria forces SSUSA into tournament formats vastly different form those other age groups are playing.

For a field this size, it would normally be two seeding games with a three game minimum double elimination bracket or something similar.

The way I see it and also my concern is that we play four games on the first two days that mean nothing.

Then Wednesday morning, all but the # One and # Two seeds play a game where winner goes on and loser goes home for 6 teams. If this happens to be a not so good showing, you have no chance to come back.

If you are good enough to win the first game, you have to win a second game on Wednesday to continue playing. The four losing team go home.

We all pay for, schedule hotels and airline flights for a four day tournament. However, after three days 10 of the 14 teams go home.

I will not argue the merits of your 2 game per day restriction. I am sure it is in partly due to the high temperatures we will be experiencing in Vegas and our old age.

That begs the question, why are we playing in Las Vegas in mid September?

I realize that there are scheduling and commitment issues for the near future. However, now is the time to ask is this the best we can do? Moving the tournament later in the year if you want to stay in Vegas or choosing a cooler site surely makes sense.

Most of the fields available in Vega are in such poor condition we should not be using them. This also suggests that it is time to do something different.

The great thing is SSUSA can do what ever it wants.

Rich Root
Co-Manager - Minnesota Masters 75AAA

Feb. 23, 2022
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Player available for Spring Worlds and Beyond - 75 AAA

I currently play for the Minnesota Masters 75 AAA team. I will be in St. George in late March an I am available to play in that tournament. Additionally, if needed I can play in additional spring and summer tournaments.

I play outfield, first base and catcher if needed. Reasonable bat with some power. Run with some speed.

Should be ease to have SSUSA add me to your roster.

Call or text Rich at 480-216-9145

Our team may have additional players available if you are short.
April 4, 2021
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Mercy Rule

The statements about the new Mercy Rule is confusing.

In the introduction section of the article about the 2021 rule changes it states, "expanded the mercy rule to all divisions".

Then, when the actual rule change is discussed, it states, "Mercy rule: Previously, only Major Plus divisions aged 40+ through 70+ had a mercy rule. That rule remains the same (15 runs after five innings, or 22 runs after four innings). Now, the AA, AAA and Major divisions and older Major Plus divisions will have a mercy rule of 15 runs after five innings or 20 runs after four innings".

If I read this correct, the Mercy rule only applies to 75, 80 and 85 Major Plus devisions for the older age groups.

Which is correct?
Jan. 13, 2020
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Player looking for a team in Minnesota

Depending on where you live. Join one of the two Twin City summer leagues. Roseville or West Metro. Most of the tournament teams playing out of Minnesota have plsyers playing in those leagues. Both leagues have great web sites to help you get started.
July 8, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Playing in different Divisions...

Can a 70 Major (home state)player that also plays as a 70 AAA (Snowbird) play for both teams in a qualifying tournament (not one of the four qualified roster events)?
June 1, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Rock'n Reno Challenge Cup 2016 - 70AAA Results

Day 2
Sorry I won't be able to finish this, maybe another member can do so.

Bracket Game Results:
1. Bonaventure Won 12 to 10 vs Direct Sales
2. Last Call Won 14 to 13 vs Redhaeks
3. Scrap Iron Lost 14 to 15 vs The Zone
4. Game On Lost 19 to 23 vs Triple Play
5. Marauders Lost 10 to 13 vs Bonaventure
6. Last Call Lost 22 to 30 vs Silver Sox
Elimination Bracket
7. Redhaeks Won 15 to 12 vs Scrap Iron
8. Direct Sales Lost 6 to 17 vs Game On
9. Marauders Lost 8 to 10 vs Last Call
10. Direct Sales ? vs Marauders
11. Game On Lost 14 to 23 vs Scrap Iron
12. Redhawks ? vs ? Game 10 Winner
13. Scrap Iron ? vs Last Call
Championship Bracket
14. Bonaventure Lost 11 to 13 vs The Zone
15. Triple Play Lost ? vs Silver Sox
May 31, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Rock'n Reno Challenge Cup 2016 - 70AAA Results

Silver Sox Won 13 to 12 vs Bonaventure
Game On Lost 7 to 13 vs The Zone
Triple Play Won 12 to 11 vs Scrap Iron Red
Bonaventure Lost 14 to 16 Vs Triple Play
The Zone Lost 8 to 13 vs Silver Sox
Redhawks Lost 18 to 19 vs Game On
Last Call Lost 7 to 17 vs Marauders
Scrap Iron Red Won 9 to 8 vs Direct Sales
Marauders Won 20 to 6 vs Redhawks
Direct Sales Lost 17 to 25 vs Last Call

1. Marauders
2. Silver Sox
3. Triple Play
4. The Zone
5. Scrap Iron Red
6. Game On
7. Last Call
8. Bonaventure
9. Direct Sales
10. Redhawks
May 13, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: CAN-Sirs SSUSA NorCal Championships 2016 - Men's 70+ Silver Division

The Thursday Scores were:

Game Number on Schedule::
8. Triple Play 22 defeated Last Call 14
9. Enforcers 20 defeated Triple Play 9
10. Game ON won as stated above.

Game On scored 5 runs in the bottom of the sixth to take the lead and held the Enforcers score less with two on base in the top of the seventh. The game ended on a great double play from second baseman to rover covering second and then on to first.

Great Tournament well run with good umpires.

May 11, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: CAN-Sirs SSUSA NorCal Championships 2016 - Men's 70+ Silver Division

Game Result - Wednesdays:
1. Triple Play defeated Can-Sirs
2. Enforcers 19 defeated Last Call 9
3. Game On 16 defeated Triple Play 11
4. Last Call defeated Can-Sirs
5. Triple Play defeated Can Sirs
6. No Game
7. Game On 19 defeated Enforcers 18
May 10, 2016
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: MN 70+ AAA Team looking for Player for Milwaukee


Due to a last minute operation and a slow recovery from knee replacement, our 70+ AAA team out of Minnesota is short two players for the Milwaukee tournament. We could use an outfielder or infielder.
May 10, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: CAN-Sirs SSUSA NorCal Championships 2016 - Men's 70+ Silver Division

Day 1 Scores:
Triple Play - 8 vs Enforcers - 15
Last Call - 7 vs Game On - 17
CAN-Sirs - 18 vs Triple Play - 13
Enforcers - 14 vs Last Call - 17
Game On - 16 vs CAN-Sirs - 18

1. Game On
2. Enforcers
3. Last Call
4. Triple Play
5. CAN-Sirs
April 28, 2016
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Looking for a 70's team to play with in Reno 2016

Have you found a team for the Reno Tournament yet? We have a 70AAA team out of California that may be interested.
April 14, 2016
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: courtesy runners

Gentlemen, If they would just require that the courtesy runner had to be in the lineup, that would eliminate the practice of teams just carrying courtesy runners. In that case, the CR would at least have to hit and maybe also play defense.
Aug. 5, 2015
Topic: Teams looking for players

I am a new 70+ player playing as a snowbird on a MN AAA team. My home state is AZ. Not sure I am ready for a Major team, but willing to attend practice or tryout if you are interested. If your team is in the Valley, I have probably played with or against a number of your players.
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