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Jan. 5, 2022
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: New to Senior ball

Welcome Slick! Your rating will depend on the team that picks you up. And you have left everything here necessary except your contact info! :-)

And you should call the home office West Coast time (916-326-5303) and get your 5 year card, hurry because the price is going up on the 15th! lol
Jan. 3, 2022
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: COVID Roster Rule

Thx Dave, I was slow (because I was looking for the exact rule :-)
Jan. 3, 2022
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: COVID Roster Rule

Sandman - I know you would rather have SSUSA or Dave respond BUT I BELIEVE that rule is NOT a Covid rule, this was adapted at the beginning of 2021 as an amendment to official rules (think they allowed it last year EARLY due to Covid). Basically you are allowed to add 2 players from non-touching states as long as you are NOT in one of the exempt states (believe there are 5) and the 2 players MUST be on the same side of the Mississippi as the Home State (where most players on roster reside).

I tried to find it real quick here but I was not, that is where I KNOW Dave, Tim or SSUSA will add/correct me.

Good luck!
Dec. 23, 2021
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: northwest 65 aaa team looking for players

Donnie - Since you manage the 60M team, I assume you understand the ratings index. You are currently a 6, the ratings index for 65 AAA is a 4 so you could not play with them IF the decided to stay at AAA. Should they decide to play at 65M, you and your teammate would be allowed to pay as 2 of the 3 allowable "out of ratings" players.

I am quite sure SSUSA Staff or Dave or Tim would correct me if I am mistaken (or cheesehead could call the Home Office and ask).

Good luck and happy holidays to all!
Dec. 8, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What to swing in a cold weather tourney?

lp - I agree with Mark in that I ALWAYS have a 1.20 bat (USSSA because of the balls we hit) in my bag when I know the weather is going to be cold, especially if playing early in am or later in the day. Also agree with it being the balls more than the bats but I would think if you wanted to use a senior bat, maybe one that wasn't as broken in? I personally use my OG Dudley's in cooler weather (below 60) because they seem to work the best for me.

I can also add that since we supply our own ball (given to us by TD) that keep them in your hotel room at night as opposed to leaving them in your car over night, same with the bats.

And DD, that is TOO funny, most rest rooms at fields I have played at don't have hot water but that is pretty wild! :-)
Dec. 8, 2021
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 11 defensive players 65+

So I have been playing for a LONG time as most of you have been, what I have seen the last 10 plus years is the better teams play a 5 man infield (of course with 3 OF) so now you get an extra OF but you are almost 65 so would like to think most 65 teams would not have players who could play OF in a 3 man rotation all weekend. When you take bp, my assumption is you work on hitting holes, at least that's what I do so what's the big deal?

I do agree with Breeze in that scenario where a 65M+ team doesn't have anyone to play with and MIGHT have to play 60M but have to believe that wouldn't happen that often, I honestly don't know but that to me is the only negative I see. And like TAT said, you do have a choice.

I have heard from quite a few guys that play multiple associations that they sometimes "forget" that SSUSA only allows 10 fielders at 65, now they won't have to think they are having a "senior moment"! LOL

Bottom line, we all LOVE to play this game, as long as the rules are written somewhere (and enforced unlike a few of the threads I have read) than let's PLAY BALL! :-)

Happy holidays to all and best of luck in 2022!
Nov. 22, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Answer this.

Honestly hitting the middle has ALWAYS been "part of the game". I have been pitching for a LONG time and sadly have been hit too many times to count, never fun, usually hurts and at times pisses me off (like Brett said, most likely because I missed the ball! lol)

I will add one small caveat to this thread, that is guys who use shaved SENIOR bats (used to be simply shaved bats when I pitched against the younger guys). It's a damn shame that guys can't just break in the bat and not alter it. And when I am pitching against a guy and hear a "sound that most likely it attributed to an altered bat" then I am aware that should I get hit, I would prefer that bat be confiscated and if found to be altered then EXTREME punishments be handed out.

And you are correct Manny, if you are afraid to be hit then don't pitch but there are lines my friend to what is legal and IMHO these bats, when broken in, are hot enough. And as you are playing M or M+ level you know that once you are out of HR's then a LOT more balls come up the middle. What I LOVE to see is a senior grabbing a non-senior bat (I own a couple as well) to keep it in the yard as opposed to a shaved stick hard up the middle that if I get hit (albeit even accidentally) should NOT be "part of the game"!

Happy Thanksgiving and extended holidays to all! :-)
Nov. 22, 2021
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Stepping out of the box to avoid being quick-pitched

Come on Tim, was only 21 with your reply (22 with mine :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all, GREAT week to give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

Hopefully y'all enjoy your off season (if you have one), see you next year!
Nov. 16, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Question about where player is rated...

rmp - the rules are pretty straight forward: there isn't really a way for you to get rated as a player until you actually play, so they use the rating of the team you initially play for. They DO allow you to change teams but you would then carry your "rating" once that is "established". Established = play at least 2 tourneys with the same team (honestly not sure if you played 1 tourney with a 50M team and then a 2nd with a different 50M team if that counts). If you only played 1 tourney with a 50M team, you can call (or email) SSUSA Home Office with a request to change your ranking to 50AAA.

I will ALWAYS tell people to call the Home Office because even though I BELIEVE what I wrote to be true, it is better to get the Home Office involved to make sure.

Good luck!
Nov. 12, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Onyx Bats

James, not sure if anyone reached out to you about the bats but if you look at the sponsors band on right side of screen, you will find elite, that is Carlos Vega and they are owners of Onyx bats, try clicking on the link.

Here is the direct url:
Oct. 29, 2021
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Suncoast Melee Diamond 2021 End load-opinions

This one Allan:

The new Suncoast 1 piece Balanced has "Melee3" in red on barrel, 13" EL has "Melee3" in White and 12" EL "Melee3" is Blue. The EL on both are only 1/2 oz.

And you can get a 3/4 oz EL on the new Reloaded 12" 1 piece (different color altogether).

I agree Bruce, I like Dave's way as well and follow that method. I actually like to take bp and hit off a tee with a 12" THINKING if I can learn how to focus on hitting with a smaller barrel then I should KILL with a larger barrel, sadly that doesn't always work (probably it's the THINKING part!) LOL
Oct. 28, 2021
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Yet another you make the call

I witnessed this as well and agree with how it was handled. Could have been quicker but agree was better to get it right!

GREAT question Fuzz, I did not see the reasoning in the rule under the OP desc which warranted a forfeit for the "offended team" as T2 believes.

T2 - Since I have seen you on here numerous times, my ASSUMPTION is that you have played in a SSUSA event? If yes, then you COULD understand that most if not all teams use their own scorebook for the in game details. SOME (probably most, def us) use the other teams scorebook to add the opposing teams line up (or we add them in our book player by player as they bat) BUT NEVER READ THE ACTUAL CARD PRESENTED TO THE UMPIRE (I can't remember ever asking the umpire to see it after filling it out honestly). I guess the only good thing here is while you would have "supported" the forfeit, I certainly would have brought in the UIC or TD and the correct decision would have been delivered.

My point, taking a "common sense/logical" approach, simply is that WHY would I put down 10 players in my "active in-game" line up and then play 11 INTENTIONALLY? And to NOT add them to the bottom as a possible substitute?

I agree with Donna, "senior moment", sadly I have had a few! lol
Oct. 5, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Session 4 World Champs results

Because it's the biggest tournament they have and your team finished 3rd out of 75 teams which was the largest division?

And I know this is NOT the answer you want to hear Mark but you now have plenty of major players on your team as everyone on your roster in Vegas are NOW major players for 2 yrs (happened to us a few years ago), congrats and good luck!
Sept. 20, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Winner

Top 4 for every division that played this past weekend can be found in the thread below: Update brackets through out day
Sept. 20, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Dave Dowell

Sorry I missed it Dave, congrats my friend, well deserved!
Sept. 20, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Update brackets through out day

I understand Jr, this is ALWAYS a "pain point" with SSUSA tourneys due to large brackets and 3GG in elim. I was responding to BH44 and 51RJ where you could possibly find some more updates. I simply just copied from FB to help after the fact while TD's get the entire brackets updated and posted which probably won't happen for a while because the 65 - 85 start play today through Thursday and then the 40's come in to start on Friday.

Rest of this weekends division winners

1st - Vandals (CA)
2nd - AMR/Salsa Bombers (MI)
3rd - Scrap Iron Rocky Mountain Thunder (CO)
4th - Levin/Ameriprise (FL)

1st - Texas Heat
2nd - Scrap Iron Xplosion (CO)
3rd - Claremont Property Co (OH)
4th - Big Daddy Donuts (MO)

1st - Antiques of Iowa City
2nd - OKC RedHawks
3rd - Lights Out (CA)
4th - So-Cal Riptide
Sept. 19, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Update brackets through out day

It's out on FB:

Only missing 60AAA and 60M. Final 4 in 60M were Levin vs SI R Mtn (LB) and AMR vs Vandals (WBF)

1st Sommerville Softball (CA)
2st Kelleher/Lemay/Blue (FL)
3rd Suncoast/Shades 55 (FL)
4th Speedwerx (MN)

55 Major
1st - Rock N Legends (TX)
2nd - Bad Seed (CA)
3rd - 55 Oh My (CA)
4th - Texas Bulls

55 AAA
1st - KC Vintage (MO)
2nd - Carolina Legends (NC)
3rd - Alliance/Scrap Iron (CO)
4th - Fossil Fuel (CA)

55 AA
1st Salty Old Dogs (TX)
2nd Longshoremen (VA)
3rd Canyon West (AZ)
4th Spin Tees (WA)

1st LPC 60/Dudley (CA)
2nd Legacy Sports USA (AZ)
3rd Minnesota Merchants
4th Texas Crush Sixties
Sept. 17, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: 60AAA Seeding for Worlds

I just looked, they are all updated for the 60's. 55M was done last night. I did not see them, closed my browser, opened and clicked on the link above and refreshed and there is was. Good luck to all today! :-)
Aug. 13, 2021
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Suncoast Melee Diamond 2021 End load-opinions

im - if you are used to swinging a 1 pc (Melee2), then go with the 1pc Melee3 that is just coming out but the new Balanced is not a bad option as it is also a 1pc (2 pc will have more flex in the handle, not a bad bat at all, I prefer a 1 pc myself and have been waiting for the Melee3).

And most will tell you that EL(endloaded) will USUSALLY hit it a "little" further than a balanced coming through the zone with a little mass behind it, esp for older guys (60 and above). Hope this helps.
July 12, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Courtesy runner established

No flame thrower here Dave, just a couple of simple questions: 1) who said the CR was ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE UMPIRE? I read the description and he said he told the umpire what was going on but what was the actual timing? 2) who said the umpire didn't see the 1B Coach step on the bag? We are ASSUMING that the catcher (smartly) saw what happened and brought it to the attn of the umpire who could have SEEN the the 1B coach step on the bag making him an "illegal CR".

I would agree with your counter argument if indeed it played out out EXACTLY how it was described but again, I have been umpiring a LONG time and there are always 3 sides to every story, correct? :-)
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