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2023 Bullhead City Spring Classic

Bullhead City, AZ

Feb. 24 - March 1, 2023
Director: Dave Heath, (928) 715-4979, E-mail


Entry Fee: $400

Deadline: Entry fee payment must be received by: Feb. 13, 2023

Tournament Format

Note: The tournament director reserves the right to combine divisions of three or fewer teams within one age level and/or skill level.

Click here for a roster templet.


A. Teams must sign up in the appropriate age bracket.

B. Divisions will consist of a 50’s through 80’s Open Divisions and Women’s combined brackets.

Please include any applicable team ratings with your rosters.

(Example: Major Plus, Major, AAA, AA).

C. Teams will be allowed a maximum of three (3) players who are younger than their age bracket

requires. Those players must be no younger than 3 years out of their age brackets.

(Example: Your 70’s team may have up to three 67 year old players)

D. Must be within the Calendar year. 

(Example: Must be of age January 1st - December 31st for tournament falling in that year.)


2. TOURNAMENT FORMAT: All games will follow a round robin format. At the completion of 60 Minutes, the next inning will be the open inning.

3. ALCOHOL/SMOKING/GLASS/PETS: Glass is strictly forbidden on any Bullhead City park. Players/spectators are allowed to bring beer into the park but it cannot be in the dug outs or on the fields. Animals are not permitted to be in the spectator areas of the tournament but will have a designated pet area. Owners are responsible for cleanup and behaviors of animal. No smoking at ballfields, please smoke in the parking lot. Teams violating this rule may be asked to leave the tournament without a refund.

4. GAME START REGULATION:  A ten (10) minute grace period will be offered on the first game of the tournament, each day. All teams must be ready to play ball twenty (20) minutes prior to their scheduled game time or immediately following the previous game. SCHEDULED GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME. 

5. COIN TOSS:  A coin toss prior to the start of each game will be used to determine HOME and VISITING teams. Winner of coin toss will chose Home Team and will get last at-bats or Visitors and will immediately score ½ run to avoid possibility of a tie. The team giving runs is automatically the Home Team. Teams receiving 5 runs will score 1 in each of the first 5 innings. 

6. BATTING INFO:  Batters will start with a 1 ball and 1 strike count. All foul balls are strikes, there will be no ‘foul ball to waste’; BAT REGULATIONS: The only restricted bats are titanium, and the Original Ultra.

7. DEFENSIVE POSITIONING: The 11th defensive player, designated ‘the rover’ will be allowed in the 70+ year old age brackets and women’s divisions ONLY. All other divisions will play with the standard 10 man defense.

8. PITCHING POSITION: The pitcher will be allowed a 10 foot pitching lane behind the rubber from which to deliver the ball. *note: the 6’-12’ arcs must be maintained.  

9. PITCHERS SAFETY NET: In all division of play, teams will have the option of using the pitchers safety net. If a batter hits the net on the first occurrence, a ’Dead Ball/No Pitch’ will be called. If the batter hits the net twice during the same at bat, the batter will be called out. Pitchers in the 65–80 year old divisions who elect to use the screen are eligible to field a batted ball. Pitchers safety net will be provided upon request.    

10. LINEUP INFORMATION:  Eight (8) players minimum. You may bat your entire roster. The Umpire keeps the official score.

11. COURTESY RUNNERS: Unlimited courtesy runners are allowed, however, a player may only courtesy run for another player once per inning. If you use a courtesy runner, you may not be a courtesy runner for someone else in the same inning. You cannot use a courtesy runner for a courtesy runner.  

12. MERCY RULE: five (5) run mercy rule per inning, final inning unlimited. There will also be a ten (10) run after 5 inning mercy rule.

13. FLIP-FLOP RULE: The flip-flop rule will be contingent upon agreement at the managers meeting prior to the start of the game. If agreed upon, the flip-flop rule will be invoked in any game when there is a 10-run differential in favor of the visiting team at the start of the “open inning.” If the visiting team is ahead by ten or more runs, the home team will remain at bat and start a new at-bats (beginning their seventh or last inning at-bats), meaning all runners then on base will return to the dugout. It will be an open inning. If the home team fails to tie or go ahead of the visiting team , the game ends and the visiting team wins. If the home team ties or goes ahead, the visiting team takes its turn at bat.

14. HOME RUN RULE: There is a (6) home run limit per team, per game in the 50, 55, and 60’s divisions. The 65, 70, 75 & 80’s divisions will have a four (4) home run per team, per game limit, followed by the ‘1-up’ rule. After a team reaches their home run maximum, any over the fence home run in excess will be scored as an out. Home team cannot win game with ‘1-up’ home run in last inning. Home runs are walk off, no base running necessary.

15. BASE DISTANCES: Women’s and 75 and up Divisions will have 65 ft bases. 40-70 year old Divisions will have 70 ft bases.                                   

16. PROTEST:  in order for a protest to be valid, the following steps must be taken:

A. Team manager must inform the umpire immediately that they wish to protest the game. The

tournament director, if available, will render a decision immediately. 

B. If the game is protested due to ineligible players, a    protest will automatically be granted if the

team under protest does not have everyone who has played on the roster with their personal signature. Photo I.D. may be required if requested by the tournament director.

C. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, players may be allowed to play in more than one

age division. Age bracket requirements must be maintained.  


17. STANDINGS: In the event of win/loss record tie, the first method used to determine the winner will be the result of the head to head game played. In the event of a 3 or 4 way tie, a run differential of common games will be used to determine a winner.

18. ZERO TOLERANCE RULE:  The City of Bullhead City Recreation Division reserves the right to determine discipline in accordance with the player’s code of conduct. This includes any incidents of fighting, abuse of the officials or recreation staff, and/or any other incident regarding unsportsmanlike conduct. Any player or coach who gets ejected will subject to at least a one (1) game suspension. That individual will not be allowed to participate in the next game in anyway.

19. WEATHER: Tournament officials and staff reserve the right to make changes to the tournament rules and formats to account for poor weather.


Dates of Play

Men's 50
Friday, Feb. 24 - Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023
Men's 55
Friday, Feb. 24 - Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023
Men's 60
Friday, Feb. 24 - Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023
Men's 65
Monday, Feb. 27 - Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Men's 70
Monday, Feb. 27 - Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Men's 75
Monday, Feb. 27 - Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Men's 80
Monday, Feb. 27 - Wednesday, March 1, 2023
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